Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ctrl Alt Delete

In December of 2008, SM was let go by his employer.

No real point in rehashing what millions of Americans experienced during the great reset of 2009.  Depression? Recession?  History will provide a definition for it soon enough.

SM went on unemployment, I survived our 3rd (and last) layoff...and life went on.  We cut back where we could...made excuses for the things we didn't want to give up just yet, and sat glued to TV and Internet alike to hear stories of people struggling to maintain their lifestyles. 

Of course we turned the microscope on ourselves.

Short story then.  We have a manageable mortgage, 2 older cars (paid off), our health and gray matter between our ears.  SM went back to what he's done before...being self employed.  We both still send out resumes to test the waters from time to time but no bites yet.

So a few lessons learned.  Ctrl Alt Delete.

Control what you can control. 

We hope to pay off our mortgage this year.  As this is our largest expense (6.25% interest) we recognize this "pay yourself first" philosophy will put cash in our back pocket.

Shop aggressively.  Yes, I shop Walmart along with three other grocery stores.

Maintenance.  Both for the home, autos and self.  I used to get my hair cut and highlighted every 3-4 months.  Now I go twice a year and I've accepted what SM calls my Broom Hilda look.  New tires for the Jeep.  A $10 seat cover to help with the cracking leather...etc.

Alternate.  Alternatives...choosing one over the other.

Making choices can sometimes be the hardest thing any of us can to.  It's too easy to give up and become stagnant.  Choosing a different path is exciting, liberating.  Like starting a garden (or a blog).


Let it go.  Let go of the anger and frustration.  Let go of all the things that suck up your time and deletes your energy.

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