Thursday, April 29, 2010

My World...

"I'm out of my egg mix"  SM announces.  It's about 7:45am.  He's had his morning wake up coffee so stimulating conversation is about to begin.

"Oh,yeah?"  I respond.  On the floor, doing my morning stretchy thing...(it ain't yoga.)  "How about some oatmeal?  Or I could run to the store.  I think the store has eggs for a dollar."

"That's a pretty good price.  No don't bother.  I'll stop by Bojangles and get some breakfast biscuits."  He offers.

I secretly think  he wants to get the Bojangles biscuits, but I'm having none of that. 

"Nope.  Let me run over there and I'll get a couple dozen.  It'll just take a few minutes.

I've been up since 5.  I'm a morning person.  In bed by 9 / 9:30 up around 5 am.  2 miles with the dogs. A couple of glasses of diet Mt Dew and I'm ready to go.

I'm off this week.  My birthday week.  For the past 10 yrs or so I've always taken the last week of April off.  It's a perfect time of the year as spring in NC is usually over by May 15th with temps climbing in the 90's and me hiding in air conditioned splendor all summer, only emerging in the early mornings and hanging out under shade trees in the afternoon.  It's hard.  I love being outside.

So off to the store I go, forgetting about the school traffic.  But it's OK.  I admire the old houses along the way that have been there for years with huge lots dedicated to huge gardens.  Comparison shopping.  SM and I have talked about chucking it all and living in the "untry".  Problem is we like where we are right now.  45min drive to work but enough in the "burbs' for all of life's conveniences.  Like a grocery store 2 miles down the road.  With eggs on sale for a dollar.


It's 1/2 a dozen eggs for a dollar.  16.6666 cents each. Ahhhh! What a rip off!

I buy a dozen of the "other" eggs at a 1.39 and head back home.  It's still better that Bojangles.  Even when I drop the eggs.  I don't think I've ever done that.  Add some JD hot sausage and some frozen pepper mix and my Baby has his egg mix for 4-5 more days. 

Mission accomplished!

My World

We bought our house 12 years ago.  Good bones, only one owner and built by the crabby old bastard (2 doors down and hates Yankees) who knew what he was about when it came to building a house. 

Does the house need updating?  You bet.  But, other than a new roof last year (insurance paid for... can everybody say $Ka Ching$ ?) and carpeting here, tile there, we haven't really put the big bucks in the house.  Yet.  But it's coming.

What offended me more than anything was that there was NO landscaping.  Or at least not the kind of landscaping that a house like this deserves. So for the last 12 years my need to make it pretty cost a penny or two.  But we did it all ourselves.  I'm way too cheap to pay someone for something I can do myself. Or make SM do for me.  (evil grin)

We built the deck, put in mulched beds with shrubs and trees that are native to the area.  We did have an awning put in over the deck and I surprised SM by having a shed built while he was out of town one week.  But all & all we made it ours.  Our home.  Take a peek.

So why didn't we have a vegetable garden?  I think we truly felt it was a waste of money.  Trying to set tender roots into the compacted clay we call soil around here seemed ridiculous.

But how many years have we complained of lousy tasting fruit and vegetables?  And the prices!  No wonder we're all fat!  "I can't afford $3.00 cauliflower! So lets make pasta instead."

Well, since my conversation with Dr T this past winter, I've been doing a bit of google-ing.  Call it whatever you want.  Square foot, intensive, raised bed...

What it's really about is finding solutions to the problems you have to achieve the goal that you want.

A challenge!

Ha!  I accept!

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