Monday, May 3, 2010

It's tough being a pup....

The nasty line of storms that we were supposed to get today fizzled out by the time they got to our neck of the woods.  A slow gentle on and off rain.  75 degrees.  Perfect.

Such a sharp contrast to yesterday.  The first day of summer with temperatures in the 90's.  Even with the ceiling, box and stand fans running, it got to the point where the AC had to be turned on.  (My limit is 78 in the house or when the dogs pant constantly.)

It was dog day afternoon in my house yesterday with passed out puppies everywhere.

A big part of my life is my dogs.  I thought it was time you met them too.

Scooter (aka Boo) 6 yo

We adopted Scooter from our county shelter 6 months after we lost Alex in 2000 (our 14 yo Springer Spaniel.) 

I told myself I didn't want another dog.  A coworker had lost her JRT prior to my loosing Alex so we went through our memories and grief together.  (She was on the lookout for another "small dog".)

Our county shelter was maybe 10 miles from my home so I told her I'd take a peek.  No JRT for her, but my heart went out to a black and white, filthy, fuzzy Cocker Spaniel that I took home on the spot.  "Surprise Honey!"

He almost bit me the next day when I tried to pet him while he was eating.  (I almost took him back.)  Turns out when I took him to the Vet for a "once-over", his ears were so infected that they were completely blocked and also had holes in his eardrums (they eventually healed). 

Once he was healthy, he was a different dog.  Very scared of men at first, but SM brought him around.  He's my "go your own way" pup.  Only listens to me if food is involved.

Ginny (aka Princess) 4yo

We noticed about 6 months after adopting Scooter that he was developing quite an attachment to me.  I always felt that dogs should come in pairs so we started considering a companion for Boo.

SM was on his way home while I was out scouting possibilities at the same shelter where we had found Scooter. 

I had settled on a "Benji-type" male, had run back home to bring Scooter (to make sure they didn't attack each other) and then ran Scooter back home. 

By this time SM appeared and off we went to the shelter with me going on and on about the "Benji" I had found.  We walked in and a family of four (2 cute little kids) were all over "Benji". 

"I told them you were here first..." Said the apologizing volunteer. 

While she was talking to me I noticed that SM was inspecting the troops.  He bent down and picked up a puppy and it curled up into his chest.  (This was a puppy I had ignored as it was the NOISIEST one in the room.)  She, on the other hand, knew immediately who to suck up to.

One look at SM holding that pup and I turned to the family and said "It's OK.  You can have him."

Ginny was smaller than Scooter (25 lbs) and terribly emaciated.  She remained bony throughout her first 2 yrs.  We joked that she had Great Dane in her since she kept on growing at a fast pace.  The Vet had no idea what breed mix she is.  (50+ now)  She does have "Yoda" ears though. 

"What kinda dog is that?" is a common question.

Ginny is my rock, my Angel.  She's always there always anticipating my every move, my every need.  She calmed Scooter down beautifully.

Casey (aka Pig)...No really, we call her Pig cause....well, she's a pig. (1 yr)

Last summer, on one of the hottest day's of the year I went out into the garage and saw a puppy curled up on one of SM's shop towels.  I carefully lowered the garage door and went inside and got SM.

"You're not gonna believe what's out in the garage.  A puppy!"

"You're kidding!"

At the time, my heart sank.  The puppy looked like a Pit Bull.  "Oh no." I thought.  I didn't want the flack a Pit Bull would bring.  Luckily, the puppy stood up and had one thing going for it...  "It" was a she. 

We introduced her to the other dogs, borrowed a neighbors kennel and put out the word (neighborhood email) that a pup was found and needed a good home.)

I knew as soon as I saw her, she was ours.  All gangly and awkward.  Old enough to eat solid food (thank God) but young enough NOT to have wandered by accident into our garage.  This was a drive by.  A toss the unwanted puppy into a neighborhood and drive away. 

Seriously people!  Spay and neuter!  (I just don't get it!!!!)

SM and I are tough on the outside, but we're soft and squishy on the inside.  Twinkies...suckers written on our foreheads.

So what's the big deal.  A third dog. Casey is our "pup".  She's makes us laugh.  She's just what we needed.

PS  Hey what about me! 

Say hello to Kiki (aka "The Wee" or Weenus)

Kiki was found at a gas station 12 yrs ago when we were coming back from a beach trip. Late.  His back end was squished with poo coming out his back end.  We picked him up in a beach towel and placed him in a box in the laundry room.  I expected that he would die in the night.  If not, I planned on taking him to my Vet to be euthanized.  He was alive the next morning, so a save him if you can or "sign here" for euthanasia.  I went to work.

I got a call later that the Vet felt the kitten would live.  I stopped by on the way home to pic him up and pay the Vet.  He came out and thanked me for being a Good Samaritan.  He explained that he sees cases like this all the time and told me that he discounts his fees for "good people" like me who stop and help these animals.  He told me that kittens this age are like rubber bands and that other than a bruised bladder and a (potentially) lost use of a leg, the kitten would live a healthy life.

So KiKi came into our world. 

I'm a dog person.  This was my first experience with a cat. 

Luckily, KiKi wanted to be outside so we installed a cat door for coming and going.  He was very generous in his youth bringing me live mice, birds and once a dead bunny.  He's getting old now now so he hangs out in the house more and cuddles with SM cause I'm usually covered in dogs.

SM and I never had kids.  We tried, but it wasn't in the cards.  I figure our animal "family" makes up a little for that loss.  We have food, shelter and big hearts.  We'll take you're safe with us.

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