Monday, May 31, 2010

My Garden is Doomed

About every 3rd or 4th day now, we have had torrential rains.  I mean buckets!

My garden barely gets dried out when we have another flood to inundate us.

SM is heading up to Ohio this week for (some) business and (a lot) of pleasure... golf with his brother / practice rounds at The Memorial Tournament / his best friend Mikes' firstborn son is graduating HS... party! 

I've opted to stick around the ole homestead because, lets face it, this is truly where I want to be. 

SM on the other hand spends just about every waking moment here and, social guy that he is, can't wait for any opportunity to "bug out". 

SM hadn't been gone 15 minutes when I happened to glance out the back door and saw black clouds.  Now I knew we had a 60% chance of rain today...I'd just hoped I'd have more time to allow the grass to dry out so I could mow the +5 inches of weeds and clover we call our yard.

It usually takes about 45 minutes to do our whole yard on our old riding mower.  (My evil plan is to diminish the back yard mowing by half...but that will likely take a few more years....hee hee.)

I figured I had 15 minutes "tops".  I was in high gear the whole way.  I'm sure the neighbors found it amusing watching me buzz the backyard at high speeds.  No time for the front...that'll have to wait for another day.

So now, 6 hours later, I can assure you that we've had 100% chance of rain.  I took a quick moment to run out and check the garden.


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