Friday, May 21, 2010

New arrivals

Well... after all the rain this past week, I now have a somewhat unhappy garden.  I guess this is why raised beds would probably work best in this area.  My garden STILL hasn't dried out.  I expect the clay has alot to do with this. 

I've created a bit of a clay swimming pool with my idea of digging out the garden instead of building up the garden.  The water has no place to go.  I know tomatoes don't like wet feet and that is exactly what they've had this past week.  The top leaves are turning a bit gray.  SM says not to worry because in his opinion "tomatoes can survive anything."


Well, there's nothing I can do about it this year we'll see what happens.  Isn't that the point?  Observe and see what works?  I expect Mother Nature will challenge us with something new every year. 

I keep planting bush beans and I'm not getting a good response so far.  The locals swear by pole beans, but really...those things are tough and chewy.  No thanks!

I've got squash!  Both zucchini and summer are blooming so I'm hoping to be eating oodles of squash soon.  We have lots of clover in the grass this year so I'm hoping of lots of pollinators...(you know... bees.)

The bunnies can't stay away from the sunflowers.  They are on in an "open access" part of the yard.  (little bastards)  The bunnies not the flowers.

No disturbance in the pumpkin patch yet.  I'm not sure if bunnies are into pumpkins or not.  I figure they eat first and ask questions later. 

We have a chance of rain again this weekend.  ( more!)

In other news, Casey (aka Pig) took out a chunk of the old leather sofa we use for the dog couch.  (Duck tape is great stuff isn't it!)

Innocent looking isn't she!  Ha!  Back in the crate she goes!!!!

And the Jeep got T-boned on the way home from work.  No one hurt (Thank God!) but all in all...I'm feeling a bit cranky.  Watch out!  

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