Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Chores

Yesterday, I power washed the deck in the am and applied clear protective stain to it last night (about 8pm). 

We have a strong storm front that should be here Monday pm, and since it's back to work this week, I thought I'd be aggressive and get the stain on now instead of waiting for next weekend.

It's still a bit tacky to the touch today but with highs around 94 (can you believe it!) I think things will dry out enough to put the furniture back up on the deck tonight.

We have been pondering what to do about supporting the tomato's.  I bought bamboo stakes a few weeks ago and tried to put them in the ground.  They went in past the Mel's Mix and hit the clay and stopped dead.  My Mel's Mix is not deep and compacted enough to support the upright poles.

I came across a "tomato trellis" on a blog made up of 2x4's.  We popped out to the shed and eyeballed our left over wood.  Then inspiration struck.

"What if we use the branches from the pear tree?  It'll look a bit rustic too!"

Bradford Pears a popular trees in our area.  Instant shade for homes without.  They grow so rapidly that it's hard to find a home around here with out one.  Trouble is they split once they reach maturity. 

When we moved here, the previous home owner had put one in beside the driveway.  Maybe 6 foot tall.  Being from up north, I had no idea how fragile these trees were.  Already this spring, just on our street alone, 5 trees have split out.  I wanted our tree (20ft now) out last fall but SM felt we might be able to salvage it with careful pruning.  So this spring we took down alot of the limbs we felt would weigh the tree down.  Recycle any one?

So here it is. 

With the strong storm front moving through tomorrow, we will have a pretty good test of it's stability.

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