Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tami Bakes Bread

Now don't laugh.


And "no"... it wasn't a Three Stooges moment. 

I really can cook. 

Baking on the other hand....

I suppose if I was really into baked goods, I'd have a longer track record with pies and cakes and cookies (my chocolate chip and oatmeal craisins "rock"). 

Generally speaking though, my desert of choice has and always will be ice cream.  Vanilla is best, anything with fruit is a close second.  I have my chocolate cravings from time to time.  (watch out M&M's)  But in general, baked goods don't trip my trigger.

Bread on the other hand....(insert Homer Simpson..."MMMM bread"

When I was single I would often make a meal of a french loaf smeared with butter.  There were always plenty of bakeries around to supply a $2 loaf so why bake?

I'm pretty sure I've tried the "beer bread" more than once (again last week).  Didn't care for the flavor (I don't like beer).

One of my favorite blogs right now is farm girl fare.  Susan (farm girl) is a artisan bread baker and often shows yummy homemade breads on her blog.  I found the "no knead bread" on her blog site so she gets the credit for turning me on to this fantastic/crusty/easy/chewy/yummy bread that will easily become a staple in my house from now on.  Seriously, this stuff makes itself. 

My waistline to hip ratio will soon become one and the same.

SM says to only bake this as a treat.  I told him that I'll only bake this when he tells me too. (yeah...right)

There's lots a variations on this "no knead" bread.  Pizza, cinnamon rolls.  I'll be having LOTS of fun exploring this one.

In other news... we harvested almost 4 lbs of zucchini yesterday.  Our 1st harvest!  SM and I scarfed a large portion of grilled squash and I steamed the rest with butter/ S&P.  Yum.

Here's a picture of KiKi giving me the "high hard one" for disturbing his nap.

Casey on the other hand can't be bothered.

Does any one else have a dog that sits weird?  We call her "broke back Casey" when she sits like this.

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