Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Do Bees Wake Up?

This past week the weather has been very moderate...nice cool evenings with daytime temps in the 80's.  (no AC...Yeah!) 

Last night I slept well, but lightly.  Up by 4:15, we (the dogs and I) were out the door earlier than usual.  I got back to the house by 5:30 and decided that since we would be in the 90's today I'd go ahead and water some of the garden.  (none for the tomatoes)

The squash blossoms look like they glow in the dark.  I hoped I could water without disturbing any bees that might be out and about.  Mission accomplished!  (I use a watering wand to spray the ground directly...the foliage is covered with a heavy dew most mornings anyway.)

I had moved on from the garden and was filling up my buckets for the apple trees and pumpkin patch (too far away from the hose) when I noticed the bees had arrived.  The sky was Carolina Blue with soft wispy pink and gray clouds. 

I saw fat bumbles and ordinary bees. We get on well now, the bees and I.  I used to be afraid of them as a child, having been stung more than enough to have developed an "avoidance" issue with any bees in the vicinity.  This year is different for some reason.  I can walk barefoot through my clover ridden lawn.  I can reach in and gently move leaves as the bees do their thing.

When our holly bushes were covered in blooms last month, SM and I watched one evening to see which way the bees flew off as evening approached.  Heading south.  I went in the house and noticed that we had a bee in the house, against the window.  I trapped it in a glass and walked outside.  It made a "beeline" (grin) south. 

I hope the bee's are happy with our offerings.  We give to them and they give back.  Thank you little bees...just remember not to sting me, OK?

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