Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hours of Daylight Remaining..14:55

When I'm at home, I think I'm like alot of people...I'm either a slug or a tornado. 

Yesterday, slug.  I mean, what can you do when it's pouring buckets.  Clean the house?  It just gets dirty.  So I napped and read and blogged and googled.

**Google-ish-ious**  -  (Discovering that, when you're an unmotivated slug on a rainy holiday with no man to take care of...(love ya, mean it)...that google becomes your new best friend.)

Where have I been?  The library?  I mean, you can find anything on google.

Which brings me to today's blog title. 

We had torrential rains again last night. I was up half the night as Ginny (aka Princess) hates storms.  I let her sleep (ha) on the bed (up down, up down).

 At 5am, I checked the radar and saw that I could squeak in a few miles with the pups.  It sounded like Niagara Falls out there...the storm drains were working overtime.

Back at the ranch, I wondered how much rain we'd gotten.  Google TWC and there it is. 1.7" est.  (You're kidding, right?  There's no way that's all we got.)

Then I noticed hours of daylight remaining 14:55.

Cool.  That's really nice to know.  Hmmm... (my mind begins plotting in that evil genius sort of way.)

Today...I've been a tornado.  And as I write this, it's only 9:15am. 

By 7am, I'd blanched two bags of zucchini for the freezer.  Until I get a Food Saver, I'll use the tried and true Ziploc / Straw sucking bag technique.

I also went ahead and steamed the summer squash for eating this week.  Yum.

Yesterday,  I googled "no knead" (everything) bread, pizza, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls...I found some really cool blog sites.

Mennonite Girls Can Cook and Pioneer Woman.

Pioneer Woman's "confessions" page is great.  Read the "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" storyline. Ree is a great storyteller.  I've only just begun to explore her site.

But what caught my attention was the No Knead Cinnamon Rolls on the Mennonite Girls page.  (among other things) 

So I went ahead and started the dough yesterday and today I'm going to bake em up.  I thought about freezing the unused dough, as the blog mentions, but I've had great success freezing (cooked... therefore ready to go) cookies. 

SM just pulls them out, zaps em for a few seconds in the microwave and viola... Fresh baked cookies.

As I pointed out above, I'm kind of an all or nothing girl.  Slug or tornado.  Even with cooking.  Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don't.

I think SM is getting alarmed.  He sees his waistband (and mine) expanding
with this baking frenzy I've been in lately.

Hey!  It's not my fault.  If you blogger's out there didn't make it look so damn good, and so easy, I'd never try it.

Mmmmm.  Cinnamon.

Hours of daylight remaining.. 10:28.  (wha.. ha.. ha.  evil genius laughter)

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