Sunday, June 27, 2010

Same Ole, Same Ole

Being new to this blogging thing, I recognize that it's important to be consistent.  The blogs I like best, usually offer new entries several times a week.  That's why I go to them.  I like their writing style and view points and I like the fact that there is always something new and interesting on their blog sites.

I was surfing yesterday and went to my own site and realized "Hey!  It's been a week since I've had something to say."  Now, really!  My life is pretty boring.  It's hot.  I'm pretty much doing the "same ole, same ole" thing.

When I go back into work, we all ask the same thing.  "What'ja do this weekend?  Nothing."

I noticed in some blogs Wordless Wednesday  or "cute pic of the day"

Most bloggers don't have something to offer every waking second.  So sharing my "same ole, same ole" might be boring to me...but might actually provide a moment of entertainment for somebody else.  So here goes.

As you can see from the opening photo, the Crepe Myrtle season is ON!  Beautiful aren't they. 

Being from Ohio, I missed out on the gorgeous trees for years.  SM and I spent 4 years in Virginia Beach when we were first married and Crepe Myrtles were everywhere. 

Now that we're south again...(to stay I think)...I planted 11 Myrtles on our 1/2 acre.  Love, love, love em!

The garden is still hanging in there considering we've had 15 days now close to 100 degrees and only enough rain to wet the grass. (99 again today)

NC is all or nothing.  Too much rain in May.  Too much heat in June.

Here is Scooter (aka Boo) sulking after getting his nails trimmed. 

Cockers hate having their feet messed with.  We have to muzzle him just so he doesn't rip my face off. 

Boo went to the vet last week for his annual shots and not a peep out of him.  (I guess he knows who he can push around and who he can't.) 

Now you're probably asking "why don't you let the vet trim him?"  I used to but trims that started out at $8 to $10 bucks have popped up to $15 to $20
bucks.  It's ridiculous! 

Boo's vet bill was $165 just for his shots.  (I think I actually blacked out for a moment when she told me how much the bill was.)

SM appears to be on a carb craving today. 

Steel Cut Oats for breakfast (Trader Joe's).

Tuna Noodle Casserole (?)...He must be feeling nostalgic.

Me?  Can't eat any of it.  I'm battling gastritis this week.  Sigh.  I wish I had a cast iron gut.  Oh well...some of us are pussies.

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