Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Days

There's not much inspiring me this week.

We've fallen into our summer pattern of 95 degree days and 70's at night.  Chance of rain every day. (It's 99 degrees today...real feel 103)

This is the kind of deluge we get around here.

SM and I try to get our yard work out of the way by 11am and hibernate in to the cool comfort of AC.

In the kitchen, I kicked out some zucchini bread and I've been making alot of squash blossom fritattas lately.

The garden seems to be holding its' own.  I actually harvested 5 string beans.  (They went into the fritatta.) 

Some tomatoes are ripening and a few are doing the "bottom rot" thing. Can't blame em.  (If your feet were in water for three weeks straight, something would start to rot on you too...)

Cucumber and pepper babies everywhere.  (Keeping my fingers crossed)

Casey (aka Pig) doing the "splendor in the grass" thing...

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