Monday, July 12, 2010

Gut Check

I've had digestive issues for about the last 10 - 15 years.  Nothing Dr's typically slap me with a gastritis, gerd or IBS diagnosis.

A few years ago my brother was diagnosed Celiac.  We suspect my father suffered from this disease also but was never diagnosed.

My brother encouraged his siblings to get screened for Celiac as there can be a genetic connection (blood test). 

At the time, I had had enough with Dr's so I just decided to go gluten free as much as possible and I noticed I did feel better.  (My younger sister tested negative)

Last fall I started baking alot and started eating cookies, brownies and bread again.  For about the last month I've been in digestive hell.  All that bread baking...

A few weeks ago I couldn't take it anymore so I went to the Dr and she Dx'd acid reflux (gerd).  I also requested a Celiac blood test.  I started rantadine, stopped eating gluten and have finally been slowly returning back to normal. 

I decided to have a complete physical and went for that today.  When I asked about the Celiac blood test from a few weeks ago, she paused....looked at it...and said it "appears normal."  She said a letter was sent out (haven't received that yet) and told me she suspects that I've got several digestive issues going on. 

I think she's curious to see what my blood work from today looks like.  I've had a history of low Vit D and border line anemia.  That, in and of itself, is not uncommon.

I'm not really interested in pursuing another upper/lower GI.  I had one about 5 years ago (before my brothers Dx) and know for a fact that my Dr didn't suspect Celiac (no blood work / biopsy performed).

So while I await further results, I'm also educating myself.  Do I need to have a Celiac diagnosis?  No, not really.  I already know that I feel better avoiding gluten.  So I'm either "sensitive" or "diseased".  Does it really matter?

I found this article online from a physician addressing this exact question.  Take a moment and read it.  The simple fact is our bodies tell us what we can and can't do.  A common sense approach.  The article I'm referencing is dated July 9,2010 "Negative Test Results for Celiac".

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