Sunday, July 11, 2010


Whoo Hooo!   We've got pumpkins!

Aren't they cute!  Sm is disappointed that I didn't plant the monster sized pumpkins.  Next year sweetie!  I wanted to grow pumpkins that are good for pumpkin pies first.  Now that I know they can tolerate this patch of ground...(out back by the apple trees)...I'll be more aggressive and plant winter squash there next year too.

What is it about the novelty plants that I'm finding so exciting?  I mean it's not like you can't find sunflowers and pumpkins everywhere. 

But somehow...having it growing in my own back so cool.

My sunflowers got a late start due to the bastard bunnies that populate our yard. (And ate their way through my first batch of sunflowers.)

(You'd think with 3 dogs I'd be able to keep the bunny population down.) Ha!

On the hunt!

Have you got one, Boo? 

**I'm a "garden stalker".  Did you know that?  Seriously...I love to see what other gardeners are doing.  I'm a peeping Tami!

Dr T and a few of the patients I've spoken too agree that this year is a squash, cuke, watermelon, "anything with a vine" year . 

Green beans, peppers, tomatoes...not as good.  I mean we're all getting something but it's just not a great year for those plants.

I should be grateful that anything is growing.  For the month of June we've had 14 days of over 95 degrees.  22 days over 90 degrees.  (Half the month of June was an oven!!)

I'll sign of with these pretty pictures...(my lilac crepe myrtles starting to pop.)

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