Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Beautiful isn't it?

And I had a big happy butterfly too.

I decided to take the pups for a walk this morning...2 blocks instead of 2 miles.  Wow...was I tired!  No pain, just achey, but still! (This sx stuff is designed to kick your a$$)

I decided this afternoon to stop the hydrocodone. It's 6 pm and about to storm.  I feel my belly more but it's not painful.

Had a nice conversation with my boss, Dr R.  (I am so lucky to work with her.  She takes care of everything...me included.) 

No worries this week.  She's told me to take tomorrow off too and we're going to try a 1/2 day Thursday to see how wiped out I get.

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