Monday, August 16, 2010

Back From Ohio

SM and I went up this weekend for his family reunion.  SM is one of 8 kids, second to the last...but technically the baby boy of the family so his sisters can give him crap about being spoiled.  By them and by me.

I thought about bringing the camera but its just one more thing to keep track of in the mass of humanity.  His home town has an annual summer function called "Heritage Days".  Which brings, not only extended family together, but also childhood friends and their families.  It's not hard to have clusters of families with 50-75 people coming and going at any given moment. 

Screaming children, dogs, drunk husbands (and a few wives), tons of food (hams, chickens, burgers, dogs, roasted corn, kielbasa & sauerkraut and pierogies...along with baked goods) everywhere...all this could be found at SM eldest sisters house.  Joanne has a huge Victorian house with a few acres.  Enough room to accommodate all.

Downtown there was a polka dance, softball matches, a car show and a band.
SM and I went to the dance and he played 2 softball matches.  We also managed to squeak in a bit of "off roading" (4 wheeling) for a few hours with a some of the family.  This town is small enough (and remote enough) that it allows golf carts, four wheelers and the new favorite ...the "mule".  Busy place.

We came back late Sunday after stopping and taking advantage of a 10% off sale that Sears had going.  I signed up for a Sears card that gives 6 months no interest and we ordered our new Craftsman mower and I also talked SM into replacing the crappy weed eater for a new one (electric starting model...Whooo Hooo!)  Our homeowners insurance will pay out a little over 1/2 on the mower, so all in all, I think things worked out well.

Casey missed Mom...What a sweetie!

While in Ohio we raided the families veggie garden and walked away with about a dozen of these monsters!

Bigger than my hand!!!  SM promises to eat tomato sandwiches, morning, noon and night!

My brother in law also mentioned a vacant lot with a loaded apple tree (Granny Smiths I think).  So we loaded up on those.  I guess I'll be busy making applesauce over the next week. 

Times like this I really miss Ohio.  But we love NC too much (blue skies) to leave.

On another note...

SM is always on the lookout for Trader Joe's products.  I made up 2 of them today. 

TJ Gluten Free Brownies ( They taste like brownies, chewie...but a weird aftertaste)  I'll probably try my own GF recipies this fall.

TJ Mediterranean Salad... NOT GF free.  This is for SM so I added extra pasta shells, more chick peas, corn, cuke, broc and cauli, green and black olives.  I used the seasoning packet but added some balsamic vinegar and oil salad dressing to compensate for the extra pasta and veggies.  SM says YUM!

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