Saturday, August 21, 2010

Before Dawn

The pups got me up early this morning...4:30.  I noticed it was much cooler (70 degrees) than it's been for the past month.  Usually 75 to 80, which doesn't give me much motivation to do anything. 

Since the appendectomy, I've only been putting in a mile.  Plus Boo, at 7 years of age starts "puffing" early on...too hot!  Today, since it was cooler we went our usual 2 miles.

I decided to pull up the garden.  After almost 2 straight months of 95+ heat, the spring garden has had it!  We've been dry this month and 2 days ago were deluged with 5+ inches.  (Pardon the darkness of the pictures.  It was about 6:30 when I took these and using a flash at that time of the morning is just wrong.)

So into that swampy, stinky, decaying garden I went.  Of course the invasive Bermuda is doing just fine...

Whats left of the few veggies.

Time to compost


SM brought home the new lawn mower.  We didn't want to pay for delivery so SM took our old truck and brought it home.  But the truck died in our back yard.

I'm telling you, we're only 4 cinder blocks away from "Hicksville"around here.

Since running the new lawnmower, SM has decided to take this one back and upgrade to the Hydrostatic version.  Sears is willing to allow this and will also extend the 10% offer on the upgrade.  So SM has his plate full today.  Fix the truck, load the truck and return the mower.


  1. Hi Tami. I just wanted to stop by to thank you for commenting on my blog and to return the visit.

    What a job to pull out the garden. I need to do that for a few of my beds too. Are you going to plant a fall garden?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Leigh. I really engoy your blog and secretly wish I had "5 acres" to have the lifestyle you're commiting to.

    I am SO hoping for cooler weather (soon.) I'd love to try for a fall planting. Just don't see the point with young seedlings or direct sow with +90 temps.