Monday, August 30, 2010

Bird on a Stick...Fish on a Stone

I zonked out last night.  Wow.  Great night's sleep, which was a good thing as I had a busy day ahead.

The house hadn't been cleaned since the weekend prior.  I don't know about the rest of the world, but housecleaning and laundry always fall on the weekends for me.  Since I was up in Ohio this weekend, it was easily overdue and today was the day.  (I even cleaned the carpets!!!)

When I set myself tasks I often mull over conversations I've had.... or replay the book that I'm currently reading... or even just daydream about future plans.

Today, I thought about a conversation I had this weekend with my older sister Tracy.

We spoke of our father who passed away some 7 years ago.  She pointed to a barometer that belonged to him.  To someone else it was likely a piece of junk but it meant alot to her.  It kept Dad close.

I told her about the silly little "bird on a stick" that I have hanging in my kitchen. 

I always remember going to my Grandpa's house and seeing it there.  I loved that "bird on a stick".  When Grandpa passed, us kids and my Mom went through his belongings and the "bird on a stick" was what I wanted most.

SM teases me that he think it's one of the ugliest things he's seen.  He doesn't understand why it's hanging on the wall.  I just tease him back.

"What about your "fish on a stone"?

When SM's Dad passed away, (15 years ago?) he found this "fish on a stone" amongst his Dads thing's.

It's funny the things we remember.  The little oddities that you'd never think would be considered valuable by anyone.

Notice how simple (crude?) these items are.  My grandfather and SM's Dad were of a generation.  They were peers. 

Even my Mom... (Hi Mom).... has a place of honor in my home.  She's amazing at needlepoint.  It's by my front door.  I look at it everyday and try to make each day valuable.

My Dad had given me this when I was 16.  It's never been opened. 

(Probably nasty by now)...but I've always kept it because he looked at that bottle and (for some reason) thought of me.

It makes me wonder what will be left behind that someone might cherish of mine. 


  1. The needlepoint is gorgeous! What a treasure. I have some little things too, mostly from my grandparents. You're right, they do keep us close and give a sense of "I'll never forget you."

  2. I have tears in my eyes reading this blog. Love you honey. Thanks for the memories.

  3. That sherry bottle if you look at it it looks like a hart. It must have reminded him of that and what you meant to him. with love Bob