Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Rest for the Weary...

Oh...Well...not so fast.  Remind me to come back as one of my dogs in a another life.

Today I'm cooking down the apples that Deb gave me last week.  I added Splenda brown sugar, lemon, cinnamon and a bit of water as it all cooks down.

I went out and hacked at the garden a bit.  Very disappointing.  I've pulled all but the healthiest squash plants. 

I picked a bunch of green tomatoes.  I've only got blossoms on the cherry tomatoes.  (I think all the rain stifled any continued production.) 

I eyeballed the peppers. 

The pumpkins are turning orange and the vines are dying back.

This may be it for the summer harvest.  I'd like to put in a fall crop but I think it's still way to hot to direct sow or transplant anything.  Perhaps in 4-6 weeks.  Usually by mid September temps become more tolerable.  I think I may just work out of one bed this fall and go ahead and compost/manure the other beds for early spring crops.

Look at this monster!  SM and I let this zucchini go just for fun.

Cute softball sized pumpkin

It's 9 am and SM is stirring.  Wash the cars, clean the house, mow the lawn (it's his turn to mooch a lawnmower from our friendly neighbors). 

It's weird.  We're both slightly cranky today.  We were both up and down last night.  I don't know about him but I'm cranky from having the mother of all zits right between my eyes.   SM says it looks like a Hindu dot.  Only this one hurts.  (sigh)  So much for being hot and sexy...and "NO" I'm not taking a picture of it!

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