Sunday, August 22, 2010

You're a Cooking Fool...

SM points out that I'm a "Cooking Fool" this weekend.  Well, if the motivation strikes!  (grin)

Last night, I made an egg custard.  (motivated by a blog on Down to Earth)

This morning I baked up some chicken legs.

Cooked up all those Granny Smith's we swiped.  I left about 20 good apples whole for eating.  7 quart bags for the freezer.

Made another pasta salad. (no pic...I mean do we really need another pasta salad pic?)

And SM asked for apple pie...all those apples! Sure, why not! 

After all that...I went out and pulled up weeds in the backyard.  Filled 2 trash cans!  Yikes!  I really have been a slacker.  Freaking Bermuda grass just will not DIE without chemical intervention!  Guess I'll be spraying tomorrow.

Looks sad doesn't it.

I've been "Craig's List-ing" manure sources locally.  Horse manure seems to be easily available.  As in "free" if you bring the truck.  I think I'd like to try working a fall garden in just 1 patch and take the other beds and start the "manure/buildup" process for next year. 

If it stays hot... I just might scrub the fall garden and concentrate on next year.  (I'd really like a cold frame with lettuce started this fall though...)  We'll see.

Check out this hummingbird plant.  (I got the seeds from a neighbor a few years ago.)  It's going bananas this year!

SM has been trying all the tricks on getting the truck up and running.  Still no go.  We'll have a mobile guy come out and Dx tomorrow.  We think it's the ignition.

We have an appointment tomorrow morning with Wells Fargo to sign the house re-fi.  Hopefully, we'll close later in the week and have that behind us.  I still think we should suck it up and just pay it off.  But marriage = compromise and SM promises that we'll pay off asap.  I respect his need for a bigger "security blanket".  He's right...We have no idea what the future holds.  Best to keep the finances flexible.

And I have my GI Dr appointment tomorrow afternoon.  Guess we all know what I'll be doing in a week or two.  (weeeeeee....)  Well...not really "weeee" but there's just no good way to imply the other....


  1. Good grief those food photos are making me hungry! Everything looks so good. I'm gonna go raid the fridge!