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Sunday, September 26, 2010

At Last...

I think we've finally turned the corner into fall today. 

Yesterday was 95...hot...the grass was crispy, crunchy under my feet.  SM and I sat in the shade of the maple last evening and remarked how this was likely the last day of over 90 degrees for this year.

A cold front bringing badly needed rain and cooler temps was due to push through today and tomorrow.

SM and I cleaned out the gutters and raked up the loose leaves from the front yard this morning before it was due to rain.  We have a tall birch tree close to the house which starts to drop leaves in late summer and inevitably clogs up the front gutters.  (SM will have to manage that particular chore thru October.)

SM ran the mower over them a few times and I raked them up and "wheelbarrowed" them back to the garden.  I'm putting in all the fall leaves/grass into the empty "dugout" beds to compost over winter.  I'll be adding more soil/manure on top of those beds as our $funds$ allow.

Once we got cleaned up SM asked for some chocolate chip walnut cookies.  


I noticed these were "fluffier" than I usually make.  Ah... the mystery of baking.  Never the same cookie twice. 

Hey...I figured it out!  I used the recipe from the back of the Nestle Semi-Sweet chip bag.

I usually use the Alton Brown Chewy CC Recipe.  I like them chewy.  But to get a chewy cookie you need to use the really dark brown sugar, the darkest you can buy. 

Since SM has a sweet tooth and is diabetic...I use splenda products as much as I can.

Hey...I can't eat em anyway...(no fat or gluten or chocolate in my life.)

SM says he'll eat them quick so I can make them correctly next time.

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  1. Those cookies look sooo good! Interesting about the relationship between the softness/chewiness/type of sugar.

    We rejoicing with the same cool front! Beautiful much needed rain. After all the days in the 90s though, the 60s seemed chilly!