Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crack That Whip

Yes, I'm a child of the 80's.  (Well...maybe not a child but a young adult of the 80's) 

Sometimes you just need a theme song.  Maybe I'm a freak but I often wake up in the mornings with a song playing in my head.  (Maybe I can pick up radio frequencies..:)

At 5am I was walking the dogs... and it was a cool, crisp 54 degree morning in beautiful North Carolina.  I started planning my day.

And a song popped into my head.  Anybody remember Devo?  (grin)  It's OK to sing along now...nobody's paying you any attention.

Crack that whip
Give the past the slip
Step on a crack
Break your momma's back

When a problem comes along
You must whip it
When somethings going wrong
You must whip it

Now whip it
into shape

Shape it up
Get straight

Go forward
Move ahead

Try to detect it
It's not to late
To whip it, whip it good.

And that's exactly what we did today.

We "whipped it"...we "whipped it" real good!

Back to the house by 6am...I started baking. 

Now I avoid gluten, but SM doesn't have to and since he's "Mr Variety"... I like to bake up batches and freeze half.  That way he can eat what he has a craving for and I don't have worry about wasting food that's gone stale.

Oatmeal "Craisins" (I use Craisins instead of raisins.  I like the Quaker Oats recipe in the inside of the lid.  Don't use instant!  Use Quaker Rolled Oats.  Since SM is diabetic I also substitute Splenda products when it calls for brown or white sugar.)

Marble Cake.  Not scratch.  The only cake I make from scratch is a carrot cake.  (killer)  I haven't made that one in a while.

I want to read up on baking "G-Free".  I'll get around to it this fall I'm sure.

Our annual clean & organize the garage and shed.


And after.

Oh!  These are some chairs that I "dumpster dived" from the street trash in my neighborhood a few weeks ago. 

They just need to be sanded off and re-stained.  (Somebody thought painting them was a good idea.  Blackish blue color...Yuck)

Tighten up some of the joints and they'll be a perfectly good addition to the back yard.

Yesterday SM had to work in the afternoon so we took the morning to run over to the farmers market together.

All this for $17. 
While he was at work I went ahead and mowed the yard.  Weed wacked too. 

Man... I have no upper body strength. After the wwack my arms were shaking so bad.
SM laughed when he got back.  I had made myself a salad for dinner and my arm would get only so high and then I'd get the "arm shakes" trying to put the food in my mouth. 

"Is this what it's going to be like when you're an old lady?"

Plop.  Half the salad falls onto the front of my shirt.

"Yep." Grinning  "You better get used to it!"

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