"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Exploring the Blog-o-sphere

I came across a website Blotanical . Stop by... I've been spending quite a bit of time there this week reading and exploring some of the blogs.  (I think I know what I'll be doing on cold rainy nasty winter days.) 

One blog that I found through Blotanical that I really enjoy is Idaho Small Goat Garden .  I like the way she writes.  I spent several hours the other day reading through her archives.  (I'm so jealous of her nice black Idaho dirt.)
I also noticed that she only has a few entries for 2010.  I guess life gets in the way.  Too bad.

Another site that I've just begun to explore is Farmama.  I found this one through the blog Down to Earth that's on my sidebar.  I've read through about 5 or so entries and I'm really enjoying her perspective.

I find it interesting how some blogs appeal to me and some don't.  I feel that I'm "shopping" for good blogs.  I know that the style of writing is critically important...I'm mean if you can't express yourself and tell a good story you're lost.  And even though it's our lives and experiences and opinions that we're putting out there, we're still telling a story. 

Sometimes I'll hit a site and I'm turned off instantly.  Is anybody else like that?

I'm noticing how quickly I get turned off by sites with bad color combinations.  Mostly in the text area.  Why on earth would anyone use a black background with hot pink or yellow text?  It makes my eyes water!

Text too small or too big bugs me.  Text that runs on and on continuously...It looks like a big block of "blah" on the screen.  And it always surprises me if there's no pictures.  No pics?  (Hey... I'm not seeing a picture in this entry yet.  Here's one!)

So here's the thing...I want to toss out a great big Thank You to all the blogs out there.  I might love your blog instantly or I might spin away so quickly from your site you'll never know I was there...but one thing that they all give me is an opportunity to learn from them.

It's a great big wide wonderful world out there.  Thanks again for sharing.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! My list of blogs that I regularly visit is getting smaller and smaller lately because they don't interest me as much as they used to. There was one blog that I visited nearly every day and then their format changed. They didn't seem so edgy anymore and my interest waned. I haven't gone by in over a month.

  2. Weloome Rachel! I found your blog a week or so ago. Great site! I logged hours going through your archives.

    That's when I know I've hit a winner...I read through EVERTHING.