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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

Yesterday we hit 93 degrees.  But we had a pretty sunset!

The next 4 day forecast is for 95,96,94 and 93.  I sure hope those babies out there can handle it.  I've been soaking the beds in the morning everyday but when I come home from work you can see the heat has just dried up all the moisture.

The peas are popping and the carrots are starting to come up.  Yeah me!  (Fingers crossing that I can get through this last heat wave.)

The bunnies have found the winter squash I planted in the old pumpkin patch.  (Note to self: Bunnies will eat first and ask questions later.)  I assumed that since they left the pumpkins alone this spring that they would ignore the squash. Ha!  

Ninja puppy.  Sometimes I have no idea where she is.  Her brindle coat blends in so well... If that red blanket wasn't there, she'd blend in completely

Isn't she sweet?  When she was a pup, her tongue would stick our a bit and sometimes she would dream she was still sucking.

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