Monday, September 6, 2010

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

Theme song for today.

Lets start at the very beginning
a very good place to start

When you read
you begin with A-B-C

When you sing
you begin with doe-ray-me

OK... I know that this little "song in my head" thing is getting a little annoying.  Hey... it's what I do. (I'm an expert at being annoying)

If you've been walking around with "Crack That Whip" in your head, you'd be hoping for a little relief too.  So go ahead... sing along now.

When you garden
you begin with great soil (none of that here)
temperate  weather (HA!)
A whole lotta hope in your heart!  (In abundance...grin)

I went out and worked in the garden a bit, today.  I've decided to use 2 (maybe 3) beds for my fall garden. 

I'm going to plant peas where the tomato's were and use the trellis already in place to help "ladder" the peas.  I also want to start a bed of lettuces and carrots. 

If I can find broccoli and cauliflower at the nursery, I'll go ahead and buy established plants and use the third bed for that.

I'll then concentrate on using the next few months to slowly build up the other 3 beds properly.  I think I'm going to backfill the "dugouts" with a sand/topsoil base and then build up the frames to raise the beds properly.  Once that's done, manure-compost-topsoil-Mel's mix to get a good 8-10 inches of raised bed along with the "dugout".

It's going to be too hot to plant or direct sow this week (90-95).  Rats.

I went through the beds with a rake and shovel.  Dry as a bone in there.  It's hard to believe these beds were swimming pools only a few months ago.

I also moved the compost pile to one of the beds.  It's closer to the house and I think I'll just keep the pile going in that one bed through winter and then fix that bed up this spring.

SM really liked the Asian Pears that we bought at the farmers market the other day.  We discussed putting in a Asian Pear tree next spring.  Considering that pears aren't an everyday food for us...(not like the apples trees) ...I think we'll pass for now.

I have a patch beside the shed that I want to grow raspberries in.  I need to do some more research (google and get out and talk to the nursery folks) and see if this is even a "doable" for this region.

There's an interesting post about "Embracing Your Bioregion" at Simple Green Frugal Co-op

Guess I need to consider planting sweet potatoes next year.  Peaches maybe?  "Throwback" you got me thinking...

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