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Monday, October 11, 2010

4 Inches From the Ground

The fall garden is hanging in there. 

Yesterday morning, I went out and did my first "thinning" of the carrots. 

Enie, meanie, miney, mo...Seems wrong to yank a perfectly good plant out of the ground.

SM and I also sanded off the "dumpster diver" chairs.

I hope we can get a few years out of them still.  The wood is extremely dry and splitting.  There was a navy blue paint under the black paint.  No point stripping them.  I just wanted to smooth and stain the areas that we'd have our body against.  I told SM to just worry about sanding off the seat, arms and back.  I then took a dark walnut stain and slapped it on.

We'll see.  It's very possible the only thing holding them together was the paint itself.

"What if it breaks when we sit down on them?"  SM asks skeptically.

"Well...we won't have far to fall then will we?"  I point out.

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