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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Asian Pears, Blueberries and Bye Bye Willow

Meet the new love in my life.  Asian Pears. 

I've never tried them before, probably because they're $3.50 for 4 at the grocery store.  (They make them look expensive in their little jackets.)

We've found them twice this fall at the farmers market this year. 

Once you get past the weirdness of the thick skin, you bite into a crisp, juicy, sweetness that is unique.  Yes, it's a pear flavor but subtle.  And truly drip down your chin juicy.


I'd like to try and grow these.  With that thought in mind, and the desire to plant a few blueberry bushes, SM and I headed out to a local nursery that we'd never been to before.

We found the blueberries, but they didn't know anything about Asian pears.  I'll have to do more research.

Back home, I've been scoping out where to plant the blueberry bushes.

I also took a whack at the corkscrew willow we planted years ago.  This poor tree has been zapped by so many late freezes that it's mostly a mass of suckers now. It's just a sad looking thing now. 

I'd rather take it out and plant some fruit trees instead.

I'm taking my time chopping it up.  Here's Casey (aka Pig) doing her part.  (Actually SM points out that she looks like a bear in this photo.)

I'm keeping the branches to use as stakes or trellis's in the garden. 

I'm also putting the willow twigs to good use in the pea patch to help them climb.

Say Hello to "Izzy"...our resident lizard.  Good camouflage...He needs it.  Scooter spends most of his waking hours stalking Izzy. 


  1. I've never tried an Asian pear. I saw them in Stark Bro's Nursery catalog, but ordered good old regular pears instead. You sure make it look good though! I love your branch trellises. We have so many branches, I should try that. Oh, and I agree, Casey does kind of look like a bear. :)

  2. Thanks for the link to Stark Bro's. I looked up Asians in the pears section. I like that the website has a "Does it grow in your zipcode?" application.

    Whoo Hoo! It does!