Blue Skies and Cool Breezes

We came very close to having our first frost last night.  I need to get a move-on and get some straw bales for a cold frame.

We didn't get very warm today.  One of things I love about this home is that the backyard is south facing.  The back porch area is usually 10 degrees warmer than the front of the house.  This works really well in the fall, winter and spring, but makes it unbearable in the summer heat. 

This time of the year I can still sit out on the back porch in shorts and read a book or nap.  In the winter, I might have to wear a jacket and toss a throw across my lap, but it's still way better than being stuck inside.

I'll even throw out a cushion for the pups.

SM worked on the willow some more.  The house beside us is getting new siding.  It's interesting how they don't take the old siding off...they just snap the new over top of the old. 

Photo-op.  Kiki surveying his kingdom.

Mama Ginny has to come and take a sniff.

And wherever Ginny goes, Casey is sure to follow.

Too much of a good thing.

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