I've been in a strange place the past week or so.  I'm finding it very hard to put my words and thoughts together to post. 

I've had nights where I've slept very little...3-4 hours.  And then I'll get a great nights sleep the next night.  And then another night, can't sleep.

I feel distracted.  I've noticed that I've not been that interested in blogging or reading other blogs with the frequency I usually do.

I've been reading books more.  Cooking less.  I start a project...and I walk away from it unfinished.

I feel very calm, quiet.  I feel like I'm waiting.  For what?

Perhaps the seasons changing has affected me somehow. The intensity of this past summer giving way to cooler breezes, softness in the air.  A softer more gentle day shifting slowly into night.  The stars are more brilliant now, have you noticed?

And when the dawn comes, it takes a few hours to become fully day.  As though the sun is hanging there, lazy on the horizion.  

Perhaps that's like me...lazy...hanging there...waiting.  Oh, I'll get there soon enough. 

Just give me a minute to hang on my horizion. 

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