Favorite People and Favorite Places

I took a quick trip to the vets yesterday to pick up Ginny's medicine.

When we moved here 12 years ago, it was country all around us.  You could still smell the cow manure as you'd driveby the pastures and hear the roosters crowing in the morning. 

The "burbs" have been encroaching on us for some time now.  New subdivisions have blossomed and traffic has slowly increased.  The city expands and keeps taking more and more of the land.

Less than a mile or two down the road from my house, it's country again.  Thank God!

This is one of my favorite places to visit.

Cats roam the driveway and paddock area. 

Hello kitty!

This is a country practice where they also take care of horses and cows...and probably all the rest of the farm too.

The old lady who runs the front desk is 90 if she's a day...spry and knowledgeable and kind.  (I should be so lucky.)

She has an old JRT who is always found sleeping behind her counter.  I noticed a little Yorkie snuggled up on another bed beside the JRT.

"Who's the new addition?"

She told me that a man came into the office and said  "Does anyone want this dog?  Cause my wife left me, and I sure don't want it."

She said she was afraid that he'd drop the dog off on the side of the road so she took him.  "I'm having a hard time housebreaking him, but he climbed right up on my bed the first day and now I can't imagine life without him."

This is a woman on a mission everyday...no doubt she is deeply loved and respected.  Her future is before her and she doesn't stop to think "How will adopting this dog impact my life" she just does it and rolls with the punches.

I wish there were more like her out in the working world.  Not knocking the young, but I work with a surgeon who'll turn 70 next year, several ladies in my building are over 60.  They are gems...diamonds in a world of cheap jewelery.

There's such ease and wisdom and comfort in our older friends.  So much that I can still learn from them.  And they call me a puppy. 

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