It's A Festivus Miracle!

This morning I baked an Oatmeal Apple Crisp (seems a little dry).  I used some gala and pink lady apples I had laying around.  Probably not the best cooking apples.

The boys are all getting together to watch football at our neighbors MAN CAVE this afternoon, so I thought I'd make a veggie tray and something sweet, along with the chips and dips that SM will take over.  GO BUCKS!

I started to decorate our 24 year old artificial Xmas Tree...

SM went out and got some exercise then went out back, played with the dogs and pulled one of my carrots...

"Whadga do that for?"...."I wanted to see how big they were!"... "Here, let me take a picture."...."Don't put me in it!"

I talked to my Mom who is FREEZING visiting Bob's family up in Maine. 

"Why are you freezing?"...
"Well, they have baseboard heat."
"Do they have a wood stove?"
"No, but they've had the fireplace on to try and keep me warm.  I sit in a beanbag chair as close to the fire as I can get."
"Well...start moving around, get some exercise!"
"It's too cold outside!"
"Don't they have an electric blanket you can wrap up in?"
"No, but I bundle up as best I can and sit and read a book and drink alcohol."
"Mom!  You only THINK alcohol is warming you up!  You need to drink some hot tea or cider and let the cup warm your hands up!"
"They left to run some errands the other day and I turned the heat up to 77."
"MOM!!!  You're chasing these people out of their home!  I only keep our heat around 65 degrees.  If you ever come here and turn the heat up that high I'll be running around naked and trust me...That ain't something ANYONE wants to see."
"Well I guess I won't be coming to visit you then will I."

I looked out my front windows and see Husband #2 decorating his front porch.
(Don is my go-to guy when SM is not around...hence the Husband #2 title.  Anybody else got a second husband?)

"Don!!! What are you doing? DECORATING???" (Incredulously)
" should see the inside.  Did that yesterday."
"But Don!  You never get into Christmas!"
"Well, we thought this year we'd go ahead and celebrate."
"It's a Festivus Miracle! Do you have a tree up yet?"
"We haven't decided if we want the tree...maybe."
"Well if you decide against the tree you can a least decorate the stripper pole."  (teasing)

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