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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Southern Exposure

Mamma Pea at A Home Grown Journal had me smiling yesterday with a photo of her Hubby eating breakfast in his coat.  Her post was about the transition of moving from more moderate weather to the colder days of winter. 

This got me to thinking about what SM and I do to beat the cold.

We usually keep the house at about 65 degrees during the winter.  Like everyone else, we have blankets "everywhere" and while SM lounges in T shirts and shorts, yours' truly is bundled up like the Michelin Man.

During the day I kick the heat back down to 64.  We are up and moving around so we're generating our own heat.

Our home has lots of windows that face into our backyard.  I adjust the blinds to maximize the sunshine to help heat up the house.  At night, the blinds and curtains are closed to help keep the cold out.  Another trick I like is to boil a pot of water.  The extra humidity makes the air feel much warmer.

Today we were blessed with a high of 71.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love living in the South.  (Go back in the archives and listen to me whine about our blistering hot summer.) Oh yeah!  I missed Ohio then! 

This is why we moved!  Sunshine and moderate winters.  I just couldn't take 6 months of gloomy gray skies and bone chilling temperatures.

Today I had the doors and windows open by 11am.  I sat outside and sucked up some vitamin D. 

I know, I know.  It's like rubbing salt into a wound.  For all you up in the more northern climes...I feel your pain! 

Oh wait...that's the sunburn I got this afternoon.   (Wha ha ha...evil laughter)


  1. I can relate to this post! I don't miss living in the north in winter! Summer, well, that's another story. LOL. I'm just hoping we have a sunnier winter, which means a warmer winter. Last year was so cloudy and so damp and so cold. I take it you don't have a woodstove or fireplace?

  2. Actually, we do and it's a masonary fireplace so we could burn wood in it but it's set up with those "vent free" gas logs that are so popular.

    I'm funny about the smell of the gas logs and (supposedly) they say you're not to use them for longer than 2 hrs without cracking a window. (gasing myself is not how I plan on going out of this world)

    Kind of defeats the purpose if you're going for warmth. (All show, no substance.)

    SM and I go back & forth about converting to a wood or gas fireplace "insert". These are actually pretty cool as they have a cast iron shell that blows the heat back into the house.

    At about $1K to $1500 on average, SM says he's rather put that cash into replacing our windows.

    He's got a point. Our windows are pretty drafty. They'll need to be done at some point.