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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Wrap-up

Monday I had the day off and went to see HP Deathly Hollows with a friend who had scored free tickets.  (Yes, I'm a HP fan.) 

The movie was quite dark and very well done...(This was Hermione's movie hands down).  I always feel that the books are better than the movie adaptations, but out of all the HP movies, I felt DH Part 1 is one of the best.  I expect DH2 will be something else.

I went in to work on Tuesday and noticed that our schedule for Tuesday and Wed had lightened considerably.  I went ahead and took Wed as a paid day off.

Now, I HATE shopping and never do the "Black Friday" thing but I had a Kohl's coupon and I needed new tennis shoes badly.  So SM and I went and stimulated the economy a bit on Wed morning.  New socks, shoes and a "Cool One" pillow for me.  A nice fuzzy blanket for SM.

I like a "cool" pillow.  I spend half the night flipping my pillow around in search of a "cool" spot. (2 thumps up for this pillow.)  It could be thicker, but I just put my old pillow under it and it works just fine.

Later that afternoon we accepted delivery on our new dryer.  (Yeah Me!)

It's a Whirlpool...very nice with a huge drum and much more efficient than our old Kenmore.  SM bought this dryer with little to no input from me. (He's the shopper in the family) Very good job, Baby!!!

Thursday, SM and I went to his sisters for Thanksgiving dinner.  Quite possibly the quietest Thanksgiving we've ever had!  SM always wants me to cook a separate T-day dinner...which I'll do on Saturday or Sunday.  Me?  I'd be content with the dinner we had at his sister's, but SM is pretty nostalgic, so I'm happy to oblige him by cooking all his favorites here at home.

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