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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Things I Wish I Could Do

Leigh, over at 5 Acres And A Dream, has written a post on "Things I Wish I Could Do."  And she's "tagged" me to offer up my list of "wishes".

So here goes...

1.  Sing.  I love music and always seem to have a song playing in my head.  From "Crazy on You (Heart) to "Billie Jean"...(A friend burned Michael Jackson's greatest hits for me this week)...I can be found driving with the windows rolled up tight, music blaring loud enough so I can't hear my own sad, out of tune, broken voice.

2.  Write a Novel.  I LOVE to read a good story.  I've got all kind of stories floating around in my head, but I don't have the skills to put them down on "paper".  Hence, the blog.  Maybe someday I'll learn creative writing. 

3.  Be an Animal Shelter.  Notice I didn't say "work" at one.  I CAN'T work at a shelter, they'd all come home with me, right now...and then I'd be divorced because as great as SM is, even he draws the line somewhere.  I have mentioned to him though that if we had a small "farm" with enough land and outbuildings, I would do this.  Shelter them, care for them, find good homes for them if I could and if I couldn't that's alright...they already have a home.

4.  No puedo hablar español.  Ojalá pudiera, pero mi mente no funciona de esa manera.  (Translation?  I can't speak Spanish.  I wish I could, but my mind doesn't work that way.) Hopefully the online translator is correct and didn't just insult everyone who is reading this.

5.  Decorate a Wedding Cake.  I find butter cream fascinating.  Piping and creating colorful roses.  Something about all those yummy tiers covered with flowers.

6.  Understand Investing/Financial Markets.  I am just too simple.  You make money, spend money and save money.  Everything else just seems like gambling to me.  I watch shows like Squawk Box and I think I understand some of this stuff but in the end I'm just too chicken sh*t to toss my money into investments.

7.  Skate.  Roller, Ice, Inline...Doesn't matter, I've tried them all.  I can't do it.  I'm a klutz on wheels and trust me, you put those babies on my feet, I suddenly grow into a 6'2" freak... all arms and legs...it's a scary thing to witness.

8. Skydiving.  We have neighbors who have done the deed.  They gave it to each other as birthday gifts.  I just can't see me doing it.  I think my heart would explode, or I'd pee my pants, or scream and choke on my tongue.  Any way you look at it, skydiving would be the end of me.

9.  Shut my Mouth.  Why, oh why can't I keep my mouth shut.  I have even gone into meetings with a rubber band around my wrist, that I snap to remind me to "shut it".  Works sometimes.  More often that not, I open mouth and insert foot.  I'm too blunt.  Honest, but blunt. And when you work with the "corporate" types who expect a certain "business protocol" you can expect to get the "stink-eye". 

Thank goodness I work with bosses who can sugar-coat my lingo and interpret "Tami-speak" into something the "upper mgmt" can understand.

What does your "wish list" look like?


  1. Tami, you were quick on the draw. Great list. I forgot about #1. Singing is something else I wish I could do. And I think you're blog is a good start on honing those writing skills. :)

  2. Thanks for thinking of me, Leigh. That was fun!

  3. LOL...I am sitting here reading your list Tami and exclaiming to my husband about how I should have chosen some of the same ones you did. Especially #2 write a novel (that would be amazing);#7 skating; and #9 Shut My Mouth ( I had a similar one to this but yours is..well..the more direct approach....lol! Very interesting!

  4. One thing you can say about me, Vicki, is that I put it all out there.

    No one ever needs to ask me twice what I think about things.