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Monday, November 1, 2010

What House Hunters International Has Taught Me

House Hunters on HGTV is a good show. 

House Hunters International is right up my alley.  As I've mentioned before, I love reading, seeing, learning how other people choose to live their life.

And I learned a few important things from the show.

I'd never be able to buy a home.  Oh, I could rent or lease a place for a while...(a very short while)...but I don't think I could actually afford to buy a home/apartment/condo.  Most homes on the show, (even the "ratty" ones) are 3-4 times what we paid for our house (or more)!

And the space!  America is s p r e a d out.  I like the country, I like the burbs.  I like the quiet.

I'd want to live in a city.  (Big contradiction here)  Even though I'm not big on people living one on top of another, I'd suck it up if I lived overseas to have public transportation and accessibility to everything you need.  Wouldn't it be nice not to have a car?  To be able to bike or walk or use a bus/train to where you need to be? 

The trade off of course is the loss of privacy.

I'd have to eat out more often, shop more often.  I guess we take food storage seriously here in the states.  Tiny little fridges over there.  No cabinets for storage.  Where would I put my 5 lb bag of egg noodles I just bought at Sam's Club?  What!  No Sam's Club? 

What's with the bathrooms?  Gosh, I never thought I'd see the "Spa" bathrooms that so many McMansions in America have these days.  I mean, it does need to be functional, but ewww, some of them need really need to be brought up to speed.

I need space.  I need air to breathe, a big sky to sit under.  I need elbow room.  I get the feeling that it's congested over there.  Heck, it's getting congested over here!

Whenever I watch HHI... I get the feeling that living overseas is like being on  vacation.  I've lived 40+ years in the states, this is my reality.

So to live in another country would be like living on a vacation.  It's so different it would be like a fantasy. 

Would I miss this?  Maybe eventually, but it would be so cool to have the chance to live that life.


  1. Lots cheaper and less crowded the way we do it. Can shop at Sam's too. It feels like vacation yet home every night.

  2. Sounds like a really interesting show. And this from a person who doesn't watch TV. It is interesting to learn how others live. Fascinating, actually.