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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Damn, It's Cold

This is what I get for rubbing it in your noses that we usually  enjoy temperate winter around weather here.

It's freaking cold out there!!!!

Lows in the teens with highs in the 30's.  Freaking OHIO weather.  I took the pups out yesterday for our morning 2 miler...Ha, no way!  12 degrees out there!  This morning was bit more tropical so we got a mile in before I called it a day.  (Sorry Ohio, still love ya but MAN... this is why we left!!!)

I burn my hands holding the cup of cider I've been drinking. 

Boiling water to give us some steam.

My toes are curling...


  1. Yup! Let the nose bleeds begin! For sure time for the steam!

  2. Everyone seems to be having much colder temps than normal. I think the farmers almanac was wrong this year.

  3. Oh no, not the nosebleeds! It's bad enough my lips chapped overnight.

    I haven't looked at a Farmer Almanac in years...was it supposed to be normal?