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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hey...I Inspired Another Blog

There are some subjects that I try not to preach about on this blog.  Religion and politics come to mind...(Oh, I've got opinions alright.) 

I've deleted some posts because SM has pointed out that it's a little too personal and..."It is the Internet after all".  (I wrote a really great article about my costs vs insurance coverage with my appendectomy.)  I bounced it off SM and he just didn't feel comfortable putting it out there so, "bye bye" article.

I also want this "journal" to be light-hearted and fun for anyone who spends his/her precious time even bothering visiting this site.

But if I DO have a soapbox to stand on...(and I do)...it's educating people about how going GF (gluten free) has impacted my health. 

I'm pretty verbal about it face to face.  I mention it here from time to time.  I don't bring it up much in the blog because (truthfully) there are MUCH better teachers out there than me.

Want to cook GF?  Visit Elana's Pantry.  Want to understand gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease?  See my sidebar and click on The Gluten Doctors.

I credit the articles on The Gluten Doctors blog with helping me to "see the light". 

I admit, I really didn't understand what my body (digestive) was trying to tell me.  I decided one day to find a Doctor in my area that could really invest some time in me and help me out.

Funny that I found that Dr on a blog.

The other day Dr Petersen wrote an article that I felt compelled to comment on.

She found inspiration in my comment for her next article. 

Read it if you like.  And if you have friends/co-workers/family who could benefit from her wisdom and experience then PLEASE mention her site to them.

It changed my life.  It might change yours or someone you care about.  And if you have kids, please ask for a simple food allergy test for them.  If they are gluten sensitive, catching it NOW will be the single biggest gift you could give them.


  1. So were is this article by the Dr. No link. Send it to Terri.

  2. Tami, all this points to a simple fact that many, many people are totally unaware of the correlation between food and disease. We've trusted in "science" for so long, that we assume that anything the manufacturers sell us is "safe." Every little bit of information and education helps, including your posts.

    About the broccoli, I based what I said in my garden post on what I did last year. I left my fall garden in the ground all winter (broccoli, beets, turnips, spinach, onions, lettuce), and everything went dormant. However, it all started to grow again in spring. In fact, I had planted my broccoli so late that the only harvest I got was the following spring. As the weather got warmer everything pushed to make seed, all of which I saved of course. :) Of course, last winter was cold and long, but we weren't down in the teens like we have been this winter. In the end a lot of my gardening is experimenting, because I do learn so much better from experience.

  3. Thanks for the guidance on the broccoli. You're kind of my "go to" girl for area gardening.