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Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Holiday Front Door

I was thinking about front doors this morning.

When I was a kid, people (Mom included) had pineapples on their doors.  I guess it was the universal sign of "Welcome".

As adults living in Ohio in the 90's, SM and I noticed the "front door goose" trend.  Anybody remember that? 

People would take these concrete "gooses" and dress them up according to the holiday. 

(SM and I never had one, but they provided some good laughs.  Folks would really get into it.  My favorite were the Halloween gooses.)

Today....people just dress up their dogs and cats.  (Ain't happening around here, I can tell you that.)

Anyway...I had a good idea this morning. 

Why don't we all do a post about our "Holiday Front Doors"?  Take some pics.  Tell us a story.  Just  post a quick (Hey There!) comment and that way we can all click on your name and stop by your post for a peek at Your Holiday Front Door.

Here's mine. 

Twilight time looks pretty and solemn.

I have a storm door on the front, so I had to find a "flatter" wreath to fit in the space.  I used to LOVE big, bushy evergreen wreaths, but they just don't work out so well with my storm door.  My front door is green as you can see.  (My favorite color.)

Here's a fun link.  What Does The Color Of Your Front Door Say About You
This is what mine said:

You are traditional and conventional. (Yep)

You aim for the best in life, and you're not going to risk not getting it. (ummm, if you say so...)

You are naturally stylish and sophisticated. (Can you hear the laughter?)

You feel like you are blending in with the crowd, but your good taste makes you stand out. (Oh pleeze...)

Well...so much for THAT.  I like this one better:

Orange: The color of autumn was named in the tenth century after the fruit. Although it has a strong relationship to food, fruit and spices, orange has always been a second string color, taking a back seat to red and yellow. If orange, the color of heat, fire and the harvest is your favorite color, you probably get along well with others. You tend to be social and hate to be alone. If you're feeling down in the dumps, adding a tad of orange to your day can help.
Yellow: Yellow is the color of the creative and artistic individual. If it's your favorite, you have a cheerful spirit and are inclined to be intellectual, idealistic and imaginative. The color yellow has been found to reduce theft in stores and improve the thought process of young children. Energetic yellow is used to draw most "happy" pictures.
Green: Green reminds us of freshness, security, jealousy and camouflage. It symbolizes new growth and increases our sense of well-being. "Green rooms" in theaters promote a clam, restful atmosphere. The color of most of the world's currency, green is considered secure and stable. If it's your favorite, you are an affectionate, loyal friend who is inclined to be frank and moral. You're a person whose reputation is very important to you and when you start something, you finish it.
Red: Dynamic red is the color of love, courage, anger and joy. It demands attention and helps create a cheerful atmosphere. Some studies have shown people become hungry around the color red. If you prefer red, you are impulsive, possibly athletic, sexy and given to mood swings. You are determined to experience life to its fullest.
Blue: Blue, the color of tranquility, the color of the sea and the sky, is both the color of peace and the color of royalty. Its calming effects make it the color of choice for hospital nurseries. If blue is your favorite color, you crave harmony. You are capable, sensitive and make an outstanding friend. You are cautious in your manner of dress and conscientious at whatever you're working on.
Violet: Violet, the color of luxury and sensuality helps release creativity. Its lavish nature is seen on religious robes and smelled in expensive perfumes. If violet is your favorite, you may think your strong, sensitive, observant personality makes you quite unique. Chances are you are artistic and enjoy being creative and glamorous. Although you confide in friends, it's tough sometimes for them to "get" you. Some caution against wearing violet around the sick because it's draining.

Night time is more festive.  SM is very nostalgic.  No white lights for him!  We both love color lights around the house and on the tree.

Well...I've shown you mine...Now show me yours!


  1. Your door is lovely!

    We don't really have a 'front door' so to speak. So I am afraid we appear Ba-Humbuggiesh, but we aren't.

  2. Ours isn't up yet! Though actually I haven't decorated the front door in forever. :)