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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Piglet Love

I'm in love with a pig. 

She came to us as a baby, curled up on a towel in the garage. 

Someone discarded her.

When I saw she had Pit Bull in her, I understood "why".

But my heart melted.

And I thought..."There are good people and bad people.  There are good dogs and bad dogs."

We are all a product of our environment.  Can I provide this dog with a good home?  Can I teach this dog to be a good dog?  Can I respect other peoples concerns and protect them (and her) from the obvious fears and concerns a breed like this brings?

The answer to all of those questions was (and continues to be) "Yes".  But I can't be careless.  I have to constantly remind and teach her.  She is a puppy still.  With puppy attention spans.

I guess it's kinda like being a parent.  SM and I never had kids, just wasn't in the cards.  But the way I fiqure it, you raise a child the best way you can.  You teach them and hope that they understand right from wrong.

But I'm not a dog. I'm human.  And the way I rationalize things is far different than how she views the world.   So the best thing I can hope for is that I've trained her to overcome her basic nature. 

She is feisty and more aggressive than my other dogs.  She tries to become the dominant or "alpha dog".  (I squashed that idea early and continue to place Ginny as the alpha.)

My neighbors know her and laugh that she's actually a big chicken.  She actually "smiles" by pulling her ears back and jowls up.  Her tail is constantly going and her back end swings wide with each wag.  I've never seen anything like it.  She's a total body wagger.

And she's my girl.  My 65 pound piglet of puppy kisses and cuddles.


  1. How absolutely adorable. Those ears are soooo cute. Thank goodness for people like you who aren't afraid of a "breed" but can see the potential in the dog. I am sure she will grow to be a wonderful well behaved adult.

  2. I know several pit bulls and they are all big sloppy kiss givers and wouldn't hurt a flea! Good for you for taking the time to love a dog that others wouldn't!