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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The "Push" Is On...

Wow...am I tired.  Not sleepy tired. (It's 4am so you know I'd be sleeping if I could.)

I'm bone tired.  The tired that comes from pushing a bit harder than what you're used to.  

Today (Thursday) is my last day at work until next Wednesday.  That's MY Christmas present...some time off!  Whoo Hooo!

More than half the staff at work have "bugged out" this week.  Kinda like a ghost town in our building.  

But a few of us die-hards stick around to enjoy the much desired and "ego building" pleasure of the "in demand" staff member.  PUSH is the only word for it.

I went in yesterday at 8:30am (usual time).  Our practice is not that far away from a popular mall here in town.  I always forget about holiday shoppers and pretty much everyone on our afternoon schedule (doctors included) couldn't get to us.  So the schedule dragged back.

I got on the road at 6:30 and WOW...even at 6:30 it took me an hour to get home. 

I expect the same routine today.  (sigh)  But it's the same story every year so please don't think I'm gripping about it.  Just an observation.

I expect Friday, here at home, will have a slightly different "push", but I plan on taking some time to just sit back a relax...maybe squeeze in a nap?  Yeah right...(grin)


  1. Sounds like you will enjoy your Christmas holiday for more reasons than one. :) A much deserved break!

  2. How wonderful that you will have that time to reclaim yourself! That is what would keep me going! Knowing that a nice long cozy rest is coming. Yeah!!!!

    Have a wonderful Chrismas Tami!!!

  3. At least you won't be in that madhouse traffic that will be out there Monday. With returns, back to work, and returning home travelers it will be a nightmare.