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Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Snow "Event"

The local media describe winter weather around here as "events". 

I suppose it is for an area that might see just 1 or 2 snow/ice storms a year.

At 3:30am there was nothing.

By 5 am it was coming down hard.

By 8am we had enough of a lull that we went out and swept/shoveled the drive.  At least 3-4 inches.  This snow is very powdery.  SM wanted to turn on the leaf blower and see what would happen.  Blizzard conditions!

Snow Day!  And then, unfortunately, ice is expected later today.  Ice storms around here can be really bad.  Hopefully, it'll be a light coating.


  1. The leaf blower! That is so 'man' like :o) But snow days are fun, so I hope you enjoy it! Lovely pictures btw.

  2. Love the berries in the snow photo!