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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Busy Sunday Morning

Pre-dawn and SM asks "What time do you want to start?"  He's ready to go!  Puppies?  After their typical 2 miler this morning, they are down for the count.


"After 10:00 for sure.  It's still to cold out there."  We started the morning in the mid 30's.  It's forecast to be a sub-tropical 69 degrees today!

'How about breakfast?"  SM asks.  "Cakers and eggs?"

"Sure."  I make up some cinnamon apple cakes and discuss today's plans. 

(*My seeds came in this past Thursday (quick turn around!) and I was working on my "2011 Garden Binder" while SM ate his breakfast.  But that's another post.)

We discuss the loads of pruning to do still and SM wants to burn.  Me? I need to crockpot a chicken as I know there won't be any energy for cooking later on today. 

"I think you should give it a few weeks and let the brush dry out a bit.  It'll only smoke and smolder."  Me

"I can at least cut the grass and burn it."  SM

We have a huge Palmetto Sawgrass in our backyard.  Like Crepe Myrtles, the sawgrass was one of those plants that I needed in my "southern" backyard.  They're beautiful but need to be cut back every spring.  And the grass really does "cut" you.  Long pants, long sleeves and gloves are a must when dealing with this beast. 

One time, one of those long blades "crept" up my pant leg.  I thought I had a snake up there for sure.  It was moving ever higher...you shoulda heard me screaming...just like a girl!  Those pants came off quick I can tell you that.  If the neighbors saw anything they've been "Mum" about it.  (grin)

By 9:30 SM is antsy.  Pretty soon I hear the trimmers going and see the whiffs of smoke.

Burn Baby Burn!

What is it about men and fire?

It's mesmerising but I swear the only reason he's out there cutting away is because it gives him something to burn.  (grin)

He's been giving me the "Whatcha doing in there stink-eye so I'd better finish this post and head out.  See Ya!

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