Friday, January 14, 2011

The "Buy-In"

Buy-in.  (The cost to join a poker game.)

This whole "prepping" thing has been on my mind a lot this week.  I've come to accept this term as a new label for my lifestyle choices.  Oh, it's fine that I've been telling myself that all I'm doing has been using good common sense. 

But I've matured, I've grown.  I'm coming out of the closet.

(Sing it with me gang...)

"I'm a prepper, He's a prepper, She's a prepper....Wouldn't you like to be a prepper too?"


I've mentioned before that I'm in the childhood phase of discovery.  Like any kid in a new activity, I'm looking for others that see the world the same way that I do.  (Hey, there guys!  Waving my hand.  Wanna play?)

But being an adult, I realize that there are LOTS of opinions out there.  And mine might not be the correct one.  So I read and educate myself and discuss my thoughts with SM.  (And with you.)

I'm also really curious about the ostriches in life.  You know, the one's with their heads in the sand.  I have to admit that this also has played upon my consciousness.  Is it really as bad as it seems?  Am I over reacting?

I am really good at over reacting.  Everyone raise their hands who may have done a  little "prepping" with Y2K.   That was my first "prepping" experience.

I bought extra canned goods and labeled a date on them with a black magic marker.  I stored up extra water.

SM laughed at me.

When nothing happened, I felt a little foolish but took SM's good-natured teasing in stride.

Now, I bounce a lot of my thoughts and feelings off of SM.  He's my sounding board and I'm his.  (He's calmer where I tend to be a bit more intense.  This works well when we're in a decision making process.)

"Do it now" vs "Lets think about it."

Funny thing happened yesterday.

I had read an article on "excluding the volatile food and energy index, there is no sign of inflation" or something like that.  (BS IMHO)

I then read an article about unexpected shortages last year in the corn and soybean harvest.  Expectation?  Food prices going up.

I made a comment to SM about "building up" our food stores.  Buying a bit extra in storable goods over the next few months.  I presented it not as "prepping" but as "dollar cost averaging" considering that food prices are on their way up even more.

"You know, I've been thinking about that.  We can use the back bedroom shelving unit as overflow for the pantry.  Or do you want me to rip out that cabinet and build extra shelves in the laundry room?" SM

Me.....................................(silence)....................(jaw dropped open)

We talked some more and made some tentative organizational plans but the whole time my mind is going..."Holy crap!  This is serious!  SM believes it too."

You see it's one thing for me to think something but if SM thinks it too....?

Well then.  It's real.

Holy crap!

He's bought in.


  1. I'm not a "prepper".....I'm cheap. I have a HUGE stockpile of food because I made it a rule to never ever buy something I use on a regular basis full price. So, even though I'm "prepared" for anything, I'm just frugal (cheap!).

    And lets face it, it's nice not having to run out and stock up (at full price!) when problems loom. You see how they clear out the shelves when a snowstorm/hurricane/whatever is called for. I sit home, and sip my bought-on-sale coffee and smile.

  2. My husband used to think that I was just being silly when I talked of geting prepared,for who knows what. But lately he has also started to change his mind! So I am buying everything I can afford to,as cheaply as I can,just wish I could buy more!Blessings jane

  3. I have always been a prepper. Only I never called it that. I thought it was just being smart. I enjoy doing everything from scratch and knowing how to provide for my family. I have always been a "what if" kind of person. My husband and kids use to think I was nuts...but lately they've been changing their tune. It's going to cost a farmer BIG $$$$ to put in a crop this year and there is no doubt in my mind that food costs will increase at least 20% this year...that's a BIG jump. So I double the size of my garden to include feed grains for the increase in my chicken flock, the addition of a couple milking goats, and an extra hog. I make arrangements with the local beef rancher to sell me an old cow that I can have processed into burger and stew meat...and this time my husband doesn't roll his eyes and moan...he asks how he could help.

  4. Sue...(Laughing) You're a prepper in denial. Come to the dark side, you won't be lonely. (grin)

    Jane...Same with me. Little bites but wishing I could do more.

    Lynda...Thanks so much for your observations. Most of us can only judge what the media tosses at us. It's good to hear your point of view being on the "front line".
    20% Geez!

  5. It always helps if they think it is there idea...

    I was going to email you something, but I didn't see a link. If you get a chance and think about it, email me and I will send it to you...

    In the spirit of getting the "Buy In" and all....hehehehe

    co-conspirators :)

  6. Joseph was the initiator of our prepping decision, but I definitely stand behind him. I take advantage of sales and coupons to stock up on basics and things that I know we'll need. And now, it drives me NUTS to have to run to the store and pay full price for just about anything ... especially if it's something I can usually get on sale. I mean, com'on, $7.50 for a tiny little bottle of infant ibuprophen? That's robbery! =( Little Katherine needed it though, so out came the money anyway.

    It's amazing how a little bit here and a little bit there can add up.

    PS - Sams Club is doing a free trial one day membership thing this week. If you have one relatively close, this might be a great opportunity to stock up on some more basics before these food prices hit us. Best wishes!