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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easy, Girl...

I requested seed catalogs back in December with a lot of the companies you all recommended in your blogs.

I've been moaning (SM says b*tching) for several weeks now about "Why haven't they come in?...Where are they?"

SM had brought in the mail yesterday but didn't look through it.  Tossed in with the circulars was this...

"Whoo Hoo!"  (I was on my toes dancing.)

"Easy, girl!" SM says.  "Lets not go overboard."

"I'm just looking...I've got at least three or four more coming in.  And just when did you turn into my Daddy?"

Never come between a girl and her seed catalogs.  (grin)


  1. "Lets not go overboard"??????????
    Ha. Haha.Hahahahahahaha!
    Have fun!!!

  2. Your husband needs to spend some time at my house when the seed catalogs come: WE ALL FIGHT OVER THEM! The men in my family check out the per ounce prices...they're commercial seed growers. Then they compare the price for op's and hybrids...then they argue the pros and cons of the varieties...it really keeps the Winter blahs away!

  3. Remember the days when shopping meant clothes, make-up, shoes....

    This is so much more fun!!!

    Enjoy! And hey, go overboard ;o)

  4. Funny post, the catalogue must be quite informative to read.

  5. I love seed catalogs. They are right up there with sunshine!