Freakin Hormones

I had worked up a patient earlier this week and yesterday was her procedure.  We had hit it off instantly.  She is truely one of those "good" people that are so rare in the world.  *You know what I'm taking about.  Good to her soul.*

Her Dad came in with her yesterday and we were all joking and teasing each other.  Later, her surgeon came in and it turns out that they had all gone to Central America with each other on a misson trip.  (I knew it!  She really was a good soul.)

Anyway...we finish things up and she and her Dad were thanking me for my assistance and we gave each other a hug and they left.  I went in back to scrub the instruments...and burst into tears.

She could have been a daughter I'd have been proud to call my own.

(Freakin hormones!)

I have a bald spot.

Just above my forehead, smack between my eyes.  I have a freakin bald spot. It started off as a sunburn spot this summer along where I usually part my hair and it never recovered.  Everywhere else my hair is normal and thick.  I just happen to have a quarter size bald spot smack in the middle of my forehead.  I now have a comb-over. I've let my bangs grow a little longer and have to daily manipulate those little hairs over my bald spot.  (I'm more vain than I care to admit.)

(Freakin hormones!)

For the past 2 days I have been off limits to SM.  As in "do not touch me, do not talk to me, do sit close to me, do not even look at me sideways or I'll rip your freakin head off."

He's a smart man.  He kept his distance.

I'm feeling slightly more normal today and extended my apologies.

(Freakin hormones!)

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