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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Freaking Magic!

I have mini-blinds.  Who doesn't?  I have wooden blinds in the front of the house (northern exposure) but the back side of the house gets way too much sunshine for wood.  So I have white vinyl mini-blinds.

I love how they're adjustable so I can get as much or as little sunshine as I like.

But they get SO filthy!  Dust and dog hair all mashed together with that mysterious sticky layer of grease (from the kitchen) that makes it near impossible to get them clean. 

For most of the year, I somehow manage to ignore it, but on a sunny day in winter when you're trying to warm up the house as much as you can with the sunshine, you realize just how filthy these things get.  Every dust molecule exposed.  Yikes!  My mini-blinds look fuzzy.

SM a few weeks ago...

"These blinds are really dirty..."


"Knock yourself out!"

(My usual reply to any comment on my housekeeping skills.)

SM helps out around the house but the majority of the housekeeping falls on me...mostly cause I'm so dammed picky!

Anyhoo...I knew D day was coming.  Gotta suck it up at some point and spend countless hours cleaning those freaking things.

"If I were a rich girl...Yada da dada dada doooo.... I would...buy me...brand new mini-blinds...if I were a wealthy girl."

"I don't want to clean them!  Throw them away and buy new!"

Last Thursday afternoon, we had an "administration day" at work for a few hours.  No patients.  We use this time to periodically organize the office.

I was going through the exam lanes, inventory, replace, toss... and I noticed alot of scuff marks on the walls and cabinets.

I grabbed a Mr Clean Magic Erase.

Now I've never used these at home, but as I stood there wiping and "erasing" all the scuff marks, I had an epiphany.  Could these work on the mini-blinds?

Before I bought some I checked them out.  I'm not into adding chemicals onto surfaces if I can help it.  I googled Mr Clean Magic Erase and found a (Click on ) Magic Erase Snope Article

Short story:  I was reassured enough to buy a pack and give them a shot.

Whoo Hoo!  I am happy to report these things are "freaking magic!"

Take a look at this...

See where I left a patch in the center to compare?

And my ceiling fan in the kitchen!  SM hit it with "Greased Lightening" and a sponge about a month ago.  It still had residue on it.

Wipe it up with my Magic Erase...

It looks brand new!

I attacked the stove and fridge...awesome results.

I also bleached my sink.

Will never do white again I can tell you that.

So if this is news to you...(like it was news to me)...go out and try this stuff! 

(I wore gloves because you can get a skin abrasion on your fingers from using it too much.  And be careful with shiny glossy surfaces.)

Overall,  this stuff is a winner in my book!

If you've got some "Magic Tips" you'd like to share, please comment!


  1. Thanks SO much for that link. I have ALWAYS wondered what the heck is in there that is does works like 'magic'. Now I know.

  2. We had a porcelain sink in our last rental house. I like the look of a deep farmhouse sink, but I didn't like how easily it picked up stains. I ended up cleaning and buffing the sink once a week to remove them. I found that the product "Barkeeper's Friend" worked pretty well but I did wear gloves to protect my hands when cleaning with it.

    We are still dreaming about our home that we'll build on Wildwood, but I've definitely added a stainless steel farmhouse sink to my wish list. And no, I don't want miniblinds -- they just don't hold up to my cats or Katherine's little grabby fingers. I'm hoping for 2" faux wood blinds!

  3. I love those magic erasers! The best cleaning invention ever.

  4. I am going to buy some magic eraser! my stove needs a going over too,the blinds look so nice,I am following your blog,you are welcome to follow me as well,blessings jane,at country bumpkin jane

  5. I am going to buy some magic eraser! my stove needs a going over too,the blinds look so nice,I am following your blog,you are welcome to follow me as well,blessings jane,at country bumpkin jane

  6. Hi Jane! Thanks for stopping by! Nice blog BTW!