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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Skin Crack

I have a habit...an addiction if you will.  I wish I could stop.  But I can't.  It feels too good.

Dermalogica.  (I've been caught, hook, line and sinker.)

About 10 years ago, our little town acquired a "spa and salon."  Since I believe in supporting my local businesses, I started going to them for my haircut and color.  This was back when I had short hair, so I got into the cycle of seeing them every 6-8 weeks or so. ($Ka-ching$)

Like all good business people, they promoted their other services.  Since SM and I were making good cashola at the time, I thought "Sure, why not.  I deserve it."

Pretty reds toes..(love a good pedicure)...I even tried fake nails one summer.  SM LOVED the nails.  He likes a good back scratch.  But my hands are in water too much so I had those puppies removed.

One day they were promoting facials.  $20 bucks off.  I was nervous as all get out, but I was closing in on 40.  I was motivated to try and slow the hands of time.  (I'm not into plastic surgery or botox...scary stuff, that.)

Spa service indeed!  Relaxing...she even gave me samples of the skin care products they were using.  Dermalogica.

She told be to expect a big "break-out" but to come back as needed.  She recommended every month or so.  I also LOVED the Dermalogica products and started using them routinely at home.

Well...She wasn't lying about the "break-out".  But after going to see her for a few months, my coworkers and even patients would comment on my skin.  I don't wear alot of makeup, (none at home), but it surprised me that it was THAT noticeable.  My skin wasn't bad, just average. 

Obviously, I was doing something right.

I got a big head and wanted more.  I signed up for a microderm abrasion.  I loved that too.  Again, people were noticing.  "Wow...I'm pretty!"

She tried to sign me up for a chemical peel..."Hell NO!!!!!"  That DEFINITELY scared the crap out of me.

A year or 2 passed and since I was using good products at home, I only needed to go for "professional care" once or twice a year.

2008 hit.  SM lost his job.  My job cut back hours and we also absorbed a salary cut.  OUCH

So I let my hair grow long, did my own toes and cut back on the Dermalogica as much as I could.  I read somewhere that European women recommended using olive oil on the skin.  Tried that.  (Grin)  Stopped that.  (Really big grin).  Oil of Olay was always on hand.  Tried to swap to other drug store brands.  Yuck. 

I was spoiled.

SM and I made a pact.  He loves golf.  I love Dermalogica.  If we had to have a "treat", those would be our picks.

So we DO still give ourselves a treat.  "Green fees" aren't cheap and neither is the skincare.

I buy online and only purchased 3 times last year. 

I just reordered my favorites and they came in this week.  And samples too!Whoo Hoo!

This stuff ROCKS.  Will I ever give it up?  I ask myself that from time to time.  I think there is a point that could be reached where I'll say "bye bye."

I said as much to SM.  "You know...at some point there will come a time when nothing is going to help."  I mused.

"Diminishing returns?"  He grinned.

"Enjoy it while you got it, Baby!" 


  1. We all need a treat once in a while, or what good is all this hard work we do? I had a pressed powder I loved like that but it was $50 a pop. I would ration it and make it last for 1 1/2 years. But I finally cut it. If I have a windfall I would buy it again for sure!

  2. I think there is something we all can admit to keeping when maybe the wallet doesn't really allow it. But hey, gotta keep happy, right? And if you feel good, you look good. So a treat is not uncalled for!

  3. My Grandmother had a beauty shop during the Great Depression: she said no matter what ladies found a way to feel pretty. She traded services for fruit, produce, meat, babysitting services (she had 7 kids) and a gold claim...believe it or not, my Grandfather (the town barber) worked that claim and struck a vein...they bought a ranch in the Sacramento Valley and lived happily ever after. True Story.

  4. Wow Lynda...Cool story! I heard that North Carolina has gold and gemstone finds. Maybe I DO need to get out there and dig around ;)

  5. Great compromise. I don't play golf, but my skin is so dry that I do indulge in products that I find help. For me it's Burt's Bees. I adore their products.