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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Flesh Is Weak...

6 am and we're having a thunderstorm right now.  (Ginny is underneath the desk at my feet.  She hates thunder.)

Looking outside in the pre-dawn hours, I can see that my backyard is a soaked sponge.  Standing water.  24 hours of rain.  The dogs "tippy-toe" to do their business.  (At least it's better than snow!)

What a difference a week makes.  Last weekend, 65 degrees and yard work.  The glory of a blue sky, warm sunshine day! 

This weekend cabin fever for all.  (Even the freaking cat wants to be chased through the house at 3am.) 

February has always been my least favorite month out of the year.  It's a "bridge" to spring for sure but geez...28 days have never moved by so slowly.  February was the reason we moved south.  Just couldn't take it anymore!

I need a distraction! 

Thank God for YOUR blogs.

And thank goodness for seed catalogs!

I got my Baker Creek catalog in this week. 

I don't think there's a prettier catalog on the planet.  Even SM has been spotted perusing the catalog...day dreaming.  Look at those colors!

And the varieties!  Who knew?

So, pretty pictures aside, I'd like some feedback.  What Baker Creek varieties have you tried that you liked?

I've got plenty of seeds to start this years garden, but the Baker Creek catalog is like looking at a New York Cheesecake...You know you shouldn't but you just can't help yourself.

Oh yes...I'm buying!  I'd just like to hear of any "must haves" that ya'll have tried.


  1. Some of us still have MONTHS to go...so yes, thank goodness for blogs!
    I'm thrilled that there are people that can sow seeds right now. My gosh, I have to get through March until I can think of doing that. And then it's STILL 2 months until planting day (June 1). I doubt this will help YOU with your cabin fever.....but it makes me feel better to B@#$%!

  2. Sometimes those big colorful pictures are the things that get us through these dark grey days. The problem is when the checkbook comes into play. Very bad for me as I then buy more and more. It seems to be my only cure for cabin fever.

  3. We both loved shuffling thru that one too. Since it's our first year, I can't say much other than we sure did order lots of them!

  4. Jere's mother does the pictures in for the catalog...you can buy them!
    There's a Baker Seed store an hour from here, so my friends and I do a road-trip and get our seed directly instead of ordering from the catalog. Jere's a nice guy...he was at the store last year and we talked seeds forever! I think we pissed a couple people off (the store was packed and he's a bit of a celebraty)...any how ended up trading phone numbers..so I have quite a few Baker seeds..and some of the seed we grow under contract for Terra Organics is bought by Jere.

  5. I ordered my seed awhile back,but havn't started them yet. That's comes next. Sorry you have cabin fever. I think everyone is tired of this weather.Blessings jane

  6. Wow...There's a STORE. I've only been to California once. You're giving me another good reason to come buy. Jere's Mom is quite talented.

  7. I love the Baker Creek catalog and Baker Creek. I haven't ordered a lot from them, mostly flowers, oh and my giant golden amaranth, but everything I did, has done very well. They really do heirloom right.