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Monday, February 28, 2011

Gee...Thanks...I Think. (Stylish Blogger Award)

Lynda at Cortina Creek Farm has awarded me with the ever popular "Stylish Blogger Award". 

(*Now Lynda, you know I love ya...and after reading your "list" of "What You Don't Know About Me's" (we have more in common than you might think)...I truly believe your second post deserves it own award.)

The "Holy Crap! What Did You Do To Me?" Award.

It appears that the "Stylish Blogger Award" is making the "rounds" around the blogosphere the way a bad rash runs through a ....."  (Well, you get the idea.)

The rules for accepting this award are:

#1.  For me to divulge 7 things that you don't know about me.

(Gee...I would have gotten around to telling you guys everything anyway.  SM already feels I blab way too much on my blog.)

#2.  I'm supposed to forward this to 15 more blogs and award them too.

FIFTEEN !!!!  Holy Crap!  Are you freakin kidding me?  Just about every blog I follow has "coughed" up unknown secrets about themselves with this award!

Hmmmm....   Well, lets give it a shot, shall we?  (*If anything is too disturbing, you have my permission to turn away.)

Ooooo.  Deep dark secret # 1. 

My pinkie finger is crooked.

See...I told ya so!  (Got the nasty, disturbing stuff out of the way first.) 

My mom had no idea that my pinkie finger was bent out like that until I was a teenager.  She took me to a Dr who said he could fix it but then it would be permanently stiff.  No bend at all.  We decided to leave it alone.  But after a botched attempt at piano lessons, I've realized that I'm permanently disfigured. (Sob)  *BTW, SM took this picture and said "Freaky Alien Fingers!"

#2.  I'm a closet Sci-Fi Geek. 

SM knows how much I love anything in the Sci Fi genre but to admit it to the world makes me feel very exposed.  So if any of you "frackers" try anything I'll send a "toaster" after you.  (BSG ROCKS!!!)  Battle Star Galactica fan here.  (The 2000 edition not the 1970's version)

#3.  I'm allergic to Kiwi. 

Seriously.  How obscure is that!  I discovered this "allergy" after SM was talking about how good Kiwi's were.  I went out and bought some and while we were eating them I said "Well, no wonder people like them, they make your face tingle."  SM says "Ummmm,  No...they're not supposed to do that."  Fortunately, all I ever got out of it was swollen eyelids and a numb face.  Still, it's amazing how often they include Kiwi (and Kiwi Juice) in fruit plates.

#4.  Speaking of foods, I like peanuts but hate peanut butter.  Hate cream cheese, but love cheesecake.  Won't drink milk, but love ice cream.  The list goes on and on.  (*And I hate tomatoes...Ironic considering my blog is 500 Dollar Tomato.)

#5.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. 

Not to be confused with a single panic attack or anxiety attacks.  Those are easy to deal with and fairly common.  Most people have experienced those at least once.

Think of a computer short-circuiting.  My body's electrical system was in revolt.  All of my senses were under attack, hearing, vision, touch.  Quite unbearable.  Rolling, cycling episodes.  This was my second attack and it was explained to me that if it happened again I'd be on medication for life.

Coincidentally, my brother had been diagnosed Celiac and I, having suffered from digestive issues for years, took myself of gluten.  Astonishingly, I've never felt better in my life.  I can't even begin to feel anxious about anything.  Is it a "fluke".  Maybe.  But food allergies can create an inflamation in your body that attack your nervous system.  Even SM's car crash last week didn't get an anxious response from me.  I hope it's as simple as that.  A freakin food allergy.

#6.  I say "freakin" alot. 

Now you might think I'm implying the "F-Bomb" here, but I was raised a good girl and I only rarely (usually around people who are using the word freely) drop the F-Bomb.  That's not to say I don't swear.  Of course I do.  Sh*t, Damn, Hell and Crap are some of my favorites.  But "freakin" is still on the top of my list.

#7.  When I was a little kid I had a re-occuring dream that I still think of today.

I'm going up, up, UP to heaven and I've taken the sugar bowl with me.  I would lick my finger and swirl it around in the sugar bowl as I floated high above the little house with the swingset in the backyard.  I can see it still.  I wonder what it means?  (I do have a sweet tooth.)

All right then...Who to torture next?  (Waa Ha Haaa!)

My Mom and Bob at Parker Rver (what secrets will my Mom divulge?)

Emma and Joseph at City Roots, Country Life (I sense a good love story here...)

Heather at Heather's Homemaking (Currently fighting a seed addition.  Oh Yeah She's hooked!)

Carolyn Renee at Krazo Acres (Currently stalking egg laying chickens.)

Robin at The Gardener of Eden (Who has the monster project of clearing a community gardening plot.)

City and Country (I don't even know their names) at City Sister, Country Sister

Red at Red Woman Blog (Come on Red.  I know you're gonna love this award too!)

Well, that's it!  Everybody else I know has already been nailed...ugh... "awarded".

Congratulations.  Now take Lynda's advise and go have a drink!


  1. Hey I have a crooked pinky too!!!

    Only mine is from freakin' breakin' it.

  2. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    If I pretend that I didn't ready your blog today, can I avoid getting the "award"?

    I have to agree with you, I think this "Stylish Blogger Award" thing has gone a bit too far. If I were mean, I'd answer it, but in I'd change the rules for my victims, I mean, award recepients, that they have to divulge height/weight/measurements, how old they are, and that they would have to in turn award fifty-six other bloggers.

    I think this thing is the new blogosphere spam.

    Ooooo....or it could all be a government data-mining scheme to collect information on us that we would normally keep to ourselves. (Apply tin-foil hat now).

    Actually, that doesn't seem too far fetched, does it?

    "Thanks" for the award.

  3. I think this is too funny! Blessing or curse which is it ? Don't answer that!lol. BLessings jane

  4. Nickie - Seperated at birth! A crooked pinkie finger and do I see the word "freakin" in your comment?

    Carolyn Renee - (Whaaa Haa Ha!) My tinfoil hat is already on! It's like chain letters when we were kids.

    Jane - I noticed you had already gotten "hit" a few weeks ago. Glad you had a laugh!

  5. You hate tomatoes? Does that mean you wont eat it in another form like sauce, or does that fall under the no milk but ice cream OK? And I say Freakin a lot too, but I actually use the other version ;)

  6. Oh thanks Tami...you and Granny both gave me this award!! I guess I will have to humor the two of you and do a post about myself after I have a couple of drinks tonight!!

    I don't think that I will award or should I say torture any one else though.

  7. Congratulations! Good choices to pass it on to. I know these are a pain, but it's fun to learn about the bloggers we love to read. :)