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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Gonna Take That Back...

I am not a wuss.  I'm just unmotivated. 

After SM left and the winds were blowing warm, I thought to myself "Am I going to waste this great day sitting on my butt reading?"

Very tempting.

But I've been looking at this for the past 2 weeks and I'm getting tired of looking at it.

Besides, if these warmer temperatures continue, we'll need to start mowing the lawn in a few weeks.  Maybe.  If we get rain.  But that's another post.

So out I went, gloves, WD-40 and the bow saw in hand.  Mama didn't raise no sissy.  But I can be an unmotivated slacker when the mood hits &;)

So I attacked the pile.  Having the old willow stump gave me something to support the branches on as I sawed.

When I got hot & sweaty I stopped and went in and did some of the laundry.  I also went ahead and started the peppers.

I soaked the peat pellets.  And every Spring I steal these plastic drawers from out of the garage.  They work really well.

Color coded toothpicks so I know whats what.

I moved the black hutch back up against the big window. 

This worked really well for me last year.  During the day, I slant the blinds so the sunlight hits the pots and warms them and the hutch also.  I don't need a heating pad.  At night I put them on the kitchen counter under a florescent.  If it gets really cold, I stick everything in the laundry room which I can close up and it gets warm quite quickly being such a small space.

This is the part I hate.  How much should I plant?  I am ALWAYS tempted to plant way more than I should.  But that's a waste and I can still save these seeds for next year too.

So I tried to hold myself back a little.  I planted:

4 Jalapeno's
4 Hungarian Wax (Hot Banana)
14 Carolina Wonder (Sweet Bells)
14 Californina Wonder (Sweet Bells)

I'm not into the hot peppers that much but I'd really like to have enough sweet peppers to freeze some.  What do you think? 

Back outside to finish up the pile.

Looks small doesn't it?

Some of us live the life around here...

And now I'm going to go turn into a slacker.  I've got a good book and some warm sunshine on my skin. 


  1. Seems like a good balance. You deserve your reading time. Can't wait to see your pepper harvest!

  2. You got a lot done...now go back and finish a couple books!

    I got an blogger award that I passed on to you...I'm new to this blogging stuff so I hope I did it