Open Door Policy

Ever since we moved to NC, I've noticed that the seasons change quickly...Like flipping on a light switch.  When we lived in Ohio, it just seemed like the seasonal changes were more gradual, softer, slower.

Last night when I got home it was 70 degrees.  This morning at 5am it was 61 outside.  The pups and I did our usual 2 miles and I noticed a lot more activity out and about.

There were 2 new people out exercising.  Lights on in many houses.  People going in and out (trash day in our neighborhood.)

Are we springing forward already?

I never fell back when we went through the time change last fall.  This is a first for me.  It usually takes about a month to adjust but eventually I get there.  Not this year. 

This year I've been falling asleep by 8pm and getting up anywhere from 3-4am.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  You can get a lot of things done at 4 in the morning.

One thing I've noticed is that most of the morning walkers are women.  I expect that, like me, they find that it's kinda nice having some quiet time for yourself.

There's a reason I like to walk the dogs early in the morning.  It allows me to listen to the voice in my head. 

Oh yeah...I talk to myself.  It's mostly planning my day, singing a song, sending a prayer.  I rarely think about the exercise aspect of it at all anymore.  I've been a walker for around 20+ years now.  And I can thank the dogs for that.

Dogs are great.  They need and enjoy the morning walks. I walk them early because, at a combined weight of 150 lbs, if my critters see a bunny, squirrel or other dogs, I quickly become 165 lbs of drag.  Trust me, if they want to go someplace, I'm going with them.  When it's dark outside, I've got more control.  But I'd never give up walking.  Even if I didn't have the dogs.  It's as natural as breathing for me now. 

I know it's spring when I can keep the back door open.

When the weather allows, the back door is always open whenever we're home.  The dogs need/should be outside, but as soon as I close that back door, I've got 3 faces glued to the window, scratching and whining to come inside.  "Whatcha doing in there?"

Pack mentality.  I know they want to be with SM and I but, geez...

So when the weather allows, we keep the back door open and they love it.  The dogs can come and go as they like.  If they have access to us they suddenly decide that they don't need to be right there with us underfoot and they hang out sniffing and romping the way dogs are supposed to.

If they hear the "click" of the door closing though, game over.

So we have an open door policy around here. 

Who would have thought that I could have my doors open in the middle of February?

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